How to start your freelancing path


Have you heard about freelancing from some people but you can't be handling it or starting with your own path in this field? This article will let you know what freelancing is and how to begin in building your freelance business? In the outset, we will start talking about who is freelancer then, how it works and how you will take your money and many other things you may concern about.

Some information about freelancing field:

1-      Who is a freelancer?

A freelancer is a person who works a part or full time on the computer for different clients from different countries remotely. He works, sells product or service and gets paid. The  of being freelancer that you can sell your copyrights for people in return for money.  The selling can be your service, your product, your writing and translation work, your programming or you SEO service and many other things that can be done remotely.

2-      How it works?

The most important thing in freelancing field is that your skills must be strong that enable you to get the client’s trust and the other things are very easy. There are multiple websites on the internet that work like an intermediate platform. Customers come, and post a job, received many proposals from freelancer in all over the world, hire the best one, give brief on the requirements they have, freelancer starts working, deliver the work and get paid. In this way all the freelance platform work.

3-      Payment security.

Yes, freelancing field is quite secure. The reason is that almost all websites give facility to clients and providers to allow a website to hold their payments. When a client hires a freelancer, he creates milestones of escrow; means gives payments to freelancer website, and ask the provider to accept the project. Once the project offer is accepted, the payment status becomes “hold” and when the freelancer delivers the work, the client releases the payments to the provider and leaves feedback for other clients as well.

4-      Is it free to work?

Absolutely, all freelancing platform on the internet is free! You don’t have to pay a single penny for registering or bidding on the project. Once you get a project and accept it by click on “accept” button; freelance website will take their fee percentage which is about 10% or 20% of the total amount paid to the worker

5-      How can I take a start?

It’s quite simple, just go to any website, register as a free member, build your profile by writing an overview of yourself, select skills you have, and the other things. Then search for projects which suitable for your skills, bid on the projects. If you received any message from customers, communicate with them and convince the client with your skill. When a project is awarded and escrow of the payment is created, accept the project offer and start working. Once the work is done and delivered it the customer, ask him to release the payment. After that, you can choose the payment method you want to take your money.  

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