Freelance challenges and how to overcome them

There are many people who become prefer to work as a freelancer (from home) since it enjoys many benefits such as flexibility in working hours, lack of adherence in one place to work and many other advantages. However, this path is not so easy especially for the beginner freelancers who face many difficulties at the beginning of their journey towards freelancing. Don’t despair if you encounter difficulties at first, all you have to do is understand clearly these problems and try to cure them so that you can reach your goal. In this article, we will discuss some of the problems you can face as a beginner freelancer and the best way to overcome them to make it more easier and more effective

Some problems faced the beginner freelancer and the ways you can overcome them:

The difficulty of getting the first client:

The main dilemma that most the freelancers are facing is the difficulty of getting the first client to work with. Where there are many freelancers with high skills and qualification that qualify them to work, but they don’t know how to win their first client’s trust, and how they can market themselves and offer their services efficiently to the customer. And there are many of wonders that roam in their head. The more the questions increased the more they get pressure and their hopes of getting the first job and lunching to the freelancing world will be broken.

Here’s the solution:

The main reason of this problem is that the beginner freelancers don’t have the basic knowledge about the personal marketing skills and the places on marketing that enables them to reach the first customer. Fortunately, this problem can be easily solved by showing all your skills, practical experience and your portfolio on diverse platforms as well as on social media. If you have skills you can offer to the clients, you can create an account on freelancing platform like Dubailancers, upwork, freelancer and many other platforms. Then start to submit project proposals, highlight all your strengths and skills you have and attach samples if needed.

Weak experience:

A problem of getting the first customer may be because of the lack of experience and competence that the beginner freelancer has, whether in the area where he or she works or lack of experience in how to deal with free work platforms in general. The main reason for this problem is that they have not done any project yet. The beginner does not know how to handle these platforms, and on the other hand, the client is seeking to obtain a competent freelancer to achieve their work quickly and effectively as required.

The solution:

The best solution to this problem is to refine the beginner experiences by learning more in their area of expertise, expanding their knowledge of how to handle freelancing platforms, and taking online courses in the field of freelance and how to start it.

There are many ways and educational sites that work to develop your skills, and learn more about freelancing sites such as “computer academy site”, which helps freelancers in general to increase their experience and skills by providing educational courses in the fields of self-employment such as marketing, design, programming, translation, content writing and more. It also provides you with many articles on how to handle the platforms, how to attract the client and earn more money.

The problem of Determining price :

One of the problems faced by new freelancer is the difficulty in determining the price. There are many freelancers offering their services at a very low price compared to the customary prices in the labor market. Of course, these prices attract some customers, but as we know that most of the customers are ignored such of these offers, as we usually put bad impressions on products with too low price.

The solution:

The worker should set a reasonable price for services they offer, such as those in the market, rather than exaggerate or dilute their service price. The worker must bear in mind that customers are attracted primarily to the quality of work, not the prices, so the freelance will put the cheapest price possible, giving the impression that the quality of your services will be below the required level.

An important aspect that the freelancer face when he/she determine the price is when a client post a project and asks the freelancer to set the fixed price. He becomes confused, as it is difficult for him to determine the appropriate price for his ignorance of the factors by which the price is determined.

The solution of this problem is to be aware with all the factors that determine the price, which vary from one project to another, but mostly it is: knowledge of the quality of the project, the number of hours required to complete the work, and the requirements of the project. After studying these factors, then determine the appropriate price, and when you get more experience you will be able to determine automatically.

Social isolation:

Despite the advantages of freelancing for the rest of the business, there are some disadvantages. In most cases, the home becomes the working environment of the freelancer, where he carries out all his work from home. The problem is not the work inside the house, but the social isolation that the beginner freelancer can face proving their worth. In order to earn a good profit and gain more clients, the freelancer has to spend more time working from home. Socializing with family and friends and not spending time for himself. The freelancer does not have to work all day, they have to take breaks, vacations and time spent with friends and family.

The solution to this problem lies in the time management, each freelancer must organize his time, determine his daily hours of work and also specify some time for social communication. The lack of fixed working time wastes your time, so you need to set your work hours and social networking hours.

Dispersion and Mood:

All humans suffer from the problem of dispersion, but it becomes worse for the freelancer. I explained that there are many reasons that lead to dispersion during work. Freelancers always search for new projects all the time, so when the freelance works on a project and then takes another project, he becomes distracted between two tasks.

Solving this problem can be also by managing the task times, set up a list of tasks to accomplish and the time of each task. You have to keep yourself in a good mood and look for your inspiration.

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