Fears prevent you to start your own business and how to overcome them

You may have thought of starting your own business, but you try to ignore this idea! You live with your daily routine and spend most of your time doing something you just hate for physical stability, but it keeps you limited with a fixed salary. Did you know you have latent energy within you that makes you able to do a lot and learn everything new? Of course you have a distinct project idea that you expect will succeed and make a lot of profits but you are afraid to start it, not because employees, partners, and investors will depend on you, but because you have to prove to yourself, your family and your friends that your idea is worth and that you can really make it happen.

Our nature as human beings; we prefer to study our decision carefully and not take any rash decisions, but there are some fears that keep us at zero points and make us unable to achieve what we aspire to!

Fears that prevent you to become an entrepreneur and how to overcome them:

I do not know where to start my own project:

"Entrepreneurs need self-motivation, not just encouragement from others, and because there is a high probability of failure, the idea of becoming an entrepreneur must be from the same person." Leonardo da Vinci's begun his way in a drawing by re-paint other painters. So the best way to start your own project is to replicate what the other entrepreneurs do, but do not forget to be unique and take your own ways. Seeing the successful experiences of CEOs and taking advantage of their expertise will provide you with the necessary knowledge and how to start your project.

So look for projects which similar to your idea, and read about their experiences and how they started. Ask the specialists in the field of entrepreneurship directly, tell them about your idea, they will definitely help you how to start and what things should be taken into account, things that must be studied, and make sure the feasibility of your idea and whether the market needs it or not.

I’m too young to start my own business:

Many people think this way, they are still young enough to start their own business, but I want to tell you that age isn’t linked with entrepreneurship, I know a person who is 15 years old founded his company. Whatever your age, throw it behind your back and rush towards your dream. Age is not a measure, as long as you are alive and have the ability to achieve what you want, then quickly set up your company!

I’m not an expert:

Many people think that they have to have the necessary experience with entrepreneurship to start working on their idea, but this is completely wrong. "Do not worry, any mistake you make now is a great income for you," says Alibaba's founder and president. So do not be stress if you make a mistake or you do not know the details of your project. You have to contact and consult experienced people, this helps to accelerate your career towards professionalism.

What if my project does not attract any customers?

This question is the biggest nightmare of most people and makes them quit the idea. But before you ask this question yourself, do a study of the target market before starting the project! You have to study the idea well and make it marketable. Know the needs of the market well and work to develop your idea based on his needs.

I do not have any funding:

Of course, you will not start your project with a huge budget. You will not work on building a huge store at first, or building a chain of restaurants. Most companies started with something very simple, such as Microsoft, which started in a back garage and then took their idea of evolution. You probably will not be able to realize your idea overnight, there are steps you have to go through and then go global.

The lack of funding can be overcome by working as a freelancer to achieve the required budget or working alongside your project.

What if my project fails?

What if I did all I could but I failed!

Having a good idea, doing a good study of the target market, developing the idea, good marketing will inevitably lead to success, but it is imperative to fail. If you fail to achieve your project, you have gained a lot of knowledge and gained the experience to start again. The probability of your success will inevitably be greater

There is nothing in life without risk, our lives are full of risk. You risk your life every time you go out of your house, but you go out. Every time you drink water, you risk being choked, but we have to drink or we will die of drought! A lot of things are not dangerous, but their interior is full of risk. If you live your life without any risks, you risk losing what is bigger, you will lose opportunities you have never seen. What is more dangerous thing than losing your project is to lose your passion!

The success of a startup is measured by how focused you are and how well you plan to achieve the expected results. But most important of all is to enjoy in what you do!

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