7 Common mistakes you have to avoid to become a successful freelancer

All of us make mistakes at the beginning of our way to achieve our dream! Making mistakes is apart from our learning process to develop ourselves. So if you are new at the freelancing world; surly, there are some mistakes you do which prevent you to become a successful freelancer but you are unaware of it. For any freelancer, getting the first job is the first steps in freelancing, so there are some certain slandered and things have to be in your consideration to become a successful freelancer and encourages the customer to continue with you and recommend you to other customers.

1. Waiting for opportunity and limit the working hours of the day:

It's great when you have no boss to tell you what to do, but it also means that you have all responsibility for marketing your services, developing your skills, negotiating and supervising finances things, as well as prioritizing projects to meet the deadline. So working a few hours a day to be a successful freelancer, and waiting for the opportunity to come to you is even worst freelancing mistake. You seek, create your own opportunity and market for your skills. The first thing you need to do is market your services effectively. Think of yourself as an entrepreneur, you have a project and you want it to succeed by running and working to make it work. So your skills is your project, think about how you can reach your target customer.

2. Giving up_ the saddest freelancing mistakes:

Like any other work, it takes some time to become successful, not necessarily from a set number of hours, but with practice and experience. With practice comes improvement. Do not let doubts and fear of failure get you down and lose focus. Take notes from successful people, remember how you were at the beginning and appreciate the progress you have made, and continue. Remember that customers are ready to pay more for quality, and hire freelancers based on their past customer feedback, skills and online reputation.

3. Randomly search for clients: Accept any project:

Employing effective methods such as utilizing your personal network, word of mouth marketing and other methods is very important. But freelance experts and Celine Roque, one of the successful freelancer inform that the foundation of self-employment is identifying ideal clients for you. Where applying for every project available is one of the common mistakes among freelancers who end up being stuck doing something they do not like and working with people who consider them a mere commodity. So you need to develop a plan to identify the ideal customers for you, customers who respect you and align their work with your skills. In this way, you will keep your time and effort focused on specific types of customers and businesses.

4. Lack of communication with clients as; leaving things opaque:

We all know the meaning of the term "it goes without saying" which means that everything is clear, but in freelance world that has clients with different cultures and living in distant continents, there is nothing clear! Everything should be explained, preferably in writing everything in the proposals, deliveries and reports and in all processes that take place from the writing proposal until the deliver work and taking money. A study summarized that the common understanding of objectives between the freelancer and the client is the key of success. Do not assume that your goals will be clear to the customer, or you understand their goals, repeat them once again, rephrase them and emphasize that you understand each other. Build early contact lines by clarifying what the main goal of the project is, give all your details and best times to reach you. Respond to the messages immediately, taking into account the difference time between areas and cultural holidays.

5. Lack of commitment with the required guidelines:

The instructions and guideline that the client ask you are the most important things that you must adhere to in order to be a successful freelancer. Failure to comply with them means_ from the customer's point of view, that you are a non-professional person who cannot be trusted. You have to imagine the feeling of the client when giving the freelancer some instructions but he did not commit them? This inevitably indicates one of the two things, either that he is not serious to work as a freelancer, or that he lacks communication skills. And this is not desirable!

Remember, your mission is to make the customer be satisfied, so if you forget or ignore his instructions you will make things more complicated. Understand very well what the customer is asking you to do, write it on paper and paste it on your device so you do not forget. If there are things that are not clear to you, do not hesitate to ask the customer about them, you should pay attention to the details until you complete your task as required.

6. Non-delivery of work on deadline:

Trust is the basis of the relationship between the client and the freelancer! When the customer gives you a job, he or she is confident that you will provide quality work and that you will deliver the work on time.

So if you delay delivery of the job on time, this will shake your client's confidence. Instead of making it easier for the client, you are making a problem for him. It may seem to you that this is not dangerous, especially if you didn’t late too much, and the customer does not seem to be annoyed. But this is not an excuse, if you will be late for delivering the work, tell the client before the deadline and it must be for emergency reasons.

Let me tell you a simple rule. Always be prepared for emergencies. So if you think this job can be done in three days, give it five days. Give extra days to yourself, so this does not make you under pressure.

7. Making the mistake more than once:

It is not the problem of committing the mistake, all of us as human beings making mistakes in order to learn, so we should not repeat the mistake twice. As we have noted, the most important thing for a customer is to follow his instructions and apply them as well as deliver them on deadline. Your client may overlook from you for the first time, but do not condone the second time!

To avoid making mistakes twice, record all the mistakes you have made and paste them into something that is always with you like your computer so you do not fall back.

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