6 Ways in personal marketing that will help freelancers

Personal Marketing skill is one of the most important skills that every freelancer should have, whatever his field of work is. This skill enables the freelancer to let the client know him and win more project! Where the task of finding new customers and marketing yourself as a freelancer can seem difficult for you, but it is not. All you have to do is to set a plan correctly and know what you want and work to achieve it.

In this post, we’ll talk about how to find new customers and market yourself effectively. I'll give you some marketing ideas which will help you find your first customer. If you're ready to build a stable customer base, you should continue reading!

Identify your target market:

The first step of finding customers, making your name known among them is to identify the market you want to target and know your audience associated with your goals. Then build your brand and promote it!

You can identify the market by the type of customers you want to work with or the type of work you enjoy most. If you do not know how to define your target market. Work in general with all markets as a start, looking for work in your area of expertise and skills and figure out what you like most, then work to narrow your own focus according to them. Remember, this mainly depends on the type of the client you want to work with or the type of work you prefer to do more than anything else.

Tell your personal story:

After you have identified the target market, the platforms you want to market yourself in. Now, you have to start telling your story as best as you can. Where your experiences and skills, courses you have obtained and your degrees are a major part of your personal story. You have to start your story with a powerful and interesting word. It also prefers to tell your story differently with each customer. Make your story strong and concise so that it is easy for the customer to read.

Create your own blog:

Creating a blog related to your business is one of the most important ways to gain customer trust and then hire you. In this way, you market yourself in a professional way that lets customers communicate with you as soon as they see your business through your own blog. You can start creating a blog via Google or WordPress blog.

Engage with other blogs as a host:

There are lots of sites that give space for guests to participate in the site, such as publishing their articles and writing an introductory profile about themselves under the article. Engage with these sites, publish your own writing and write about yourself. This helps you to reach out more and connect with customers who follow these pages. Be sure to write a profile about you, and how to communicate with you so that the customer can reach you easily.

Networking with as many freelancers as possible:

You'll find a lot of freelance groups on social networking sites, especially Facebook, join these pages and connect with freelancers who work in your domain. In this way, you will learn a lot from their experiences. Also, if they see that your skills are with high quality and can be trusted, they will give you a job or give your name to customers if they are busy and have a lot of work.

Attend activities and conferences:

Be sure to attend events and conferences where freelancers exist, this helps you to network with them and expand your circle of knowledge. Try to be active, friendly with others and confident in yourself. Learn how to market yourself with attractive phrases that catch the attention of the listener, and then intrigue him to know more about you and start asking you questions. Use the technique of "elevator pitch", which means tell a marketing phrase about you in case you encounter an important person between 20 to 60 seconds to attract his attention. Such as to identify yourself and your skills.

Finally, be honest with the client, do not be exaggerate and do not lie in order to win more projects. The most important trait that an independent person must have are honesty, and you must always seek and create opportunities, do not wait to come to you.

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