5 key points make your resume stand out and win the interview

 Your resume considers as an opportunity to tell your story to the companies - who you are and what you do - so your story must be attractive to get the operator attention, raises his curiosity then, invites you to the interview. where the resume is a key to make the client likes in what you do. 

In this article, we'll show you 5 key points how to write a successful and attractive resume to win the interview.

1. Do not be Generic:

The templates and formatting become very traditional. What makes your resume look weak is not being original. You do not write it with your mind or heart. where using a ready-made template from the Internet and using repetitive words will kill attention. You have to diversify the use of words, find other adjectives and synonyms to express the importance of your skills. You should not use a single CV for each job. Each job has its own qualifications and standards that differ from others. You have to adapt yourself accordingly. Highlight your achievements and skills under the job Let them see the value you have.

2. Write an overview of yourself:

Writing a brief biography at the beginning of a resume makes the operator look at it, and determines whether he will complete the reading or ignore your resume. So you should write a summary of what your resume contains at the beginning, and you should take these points into your consideration:

• Write your experiences, achievements and ambitions in the field of work.

• Express how you want to be part of the company, and that it is the place that meets your ambitions and makes you creative.

• Express your goals and your desire to develop your skills.

3.  Do not exceed two pages:

Try to write a CV that does not exceed two pages, even if your practical experience and academic degrees need more. Be concise and valuable. Highlight the most important points in each practical experience so that it does not exceed three lines. Always remember that there are hundreds of CVs submitted for the same job.

4. Attach recommendation letter:

It is better to attach recommendation letter with your resume from people who have worked with you before. Contact your former manager or even your colleagues and ask them to write a testimonial and enclose it in your curriculum vitae. The letters should not be exaggerated, just describe the extent of your work experience and how you deal with colleagues at work.

5. Promote yourself

What the operator wants to see or pay attention to is your achievements and successes you have achieved during your previous work, so you must describe them clearly and easy to understand and reach the meaning as required. People often want to know the value you have and how this value can contribute to the company's work. Every person who works in the company has a value that does not exist in others, each person has his own contributions, recommendations, qualifications and many more, so let people know them.

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