21 questions help you to find out your passion and achieve success


If you do not know where to start looking for the job you are dreaming of, take a step back and ask yourself these questions.


Finding your passion is not an easy thing! In fact, it takes your strength, effort and time to find what you really love. So you have to dig deep inside yourself, yes, sit with yourself and dig deep inside as much as possible until you reach the bottom in yourself to get the answers you need.

You are the only person who knows how to find his passion and what he wants to be, so you have to discover yourself from now and find your passion, otherwise life will miss you and will not achieve your dream!

These questions will help you find your passion, allow your mind to travel in every direction to answer them. It's time to start realizing your passion and living with it.

1. What are the things that make you very happy, and think they are valuable and meaningful to you?

2. What are the things make you stressed and frustration and feel that you are wasting your time?

3. What are your childhood dreams that you have not been able to fully explore but are still arousing your interest?

4. If you are a financially secure, how will you spend your time?

5- If people remember you when mentioning three things, what will be?

6. Who are the people you want to become like them? Who are your favorite teachers? Who inspired you? And why?

7. When was the last time you worked on something difficult and spent much time on it? What was the type of work? Why did you accomplish it despite its difficulty?

8. When was the last time you worked hard and longtime but you were enjoying and forgot the time while you work?

9. What are the obstacles that make you unable to succeed in making your passion to be a part of your life?

10. What would you do if you knew you would not fail ever?

11- Are there people who frustrate you in finding your passion and achieving success? Who are they and how did you know they were blocking you?

12 - What interests or hobbies you had a few years ago?

13. How does your ideal day look like? Describe it in details from morning until bedtime.

14- What are the positions where you find yourself arguing or defending with others?

15. What are the thinge you wnat to help people with?

16- What is the favorite section you usually visit when you go to the library?

17_ What kind of work you would do voluntarily?

18_ What is the fingerprint you want to leave in the world? What are the things you want people to remember about you?

19_ What are the things that intrigue you?

20_ If you can start over again with your life and career, what would you do differently?

21_ If you feel you know what you are passionate about in your life, will you take any action to learn more and get experience in it?


If you invest your time, yourself and your future, and answer all these questions honestly, you will definitely have a clear vision of what you are passionate about in life. Then, the second step is the most exciting step for me, which is quest to meet and satisfy your passion. Promise yourself that you will work hard to achieve your goal.


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