How to write an appealing project proposal on freelancing websites

Most new freelancers suffer from how to write an attractive project proposal for the clients to gain the projects. First, let's know what the proposal is. Writing a proposal is the text you write for the client to convince him with yourself and hire you, and it should explain your ability to accomplish the project and your skills. It's like a cover letter we send sometimes when applying for some jobs. In this article, we will summarize the most important steps that you should take into account when writing your proposal on a freelance site.

“A truly great freelance proposal makes your clients want you, even more than you want them.”

Steps to write a strong project proposal:

  1. Read the project details carefully:

Many freelancer ignore reading the details of the project and understand the full need before submitting their proposal. They rely on template to send to the client, and they submit them to dozens of projects daily, wasting a lot of time but not getting any of project! Because of their lack of reading the project, so the result will a bad proposal you submitted. And because this problem is bothering the clients, they asks the freelancer to start with a “design” word for example to make sure that the applicant has read the full details of the project. So you should read the project well and understand the details, and ask the customer questions more related to the project to make the client sure that you understand what he needs.

  1.  Use strong words:

Your project must start with strong words. The customer feels that you are really capable of completing the project efficiently. You should not say, for example, "I might be able to do the job" but say "I can do it with high quality." To make sure you are able to do what the customer wants, do some research about what the customer asking for. When you are sure you can do it, you will write with confidence that you can, but if you are not sure you can do it, you will not be able to use strong words to attract the customer!

  1.  Do not over promises:

Such as telling the customers "I'm available to you 24 hours" or telling them "When you need anything, modify something or you want to change the logo color, for example, send me at any time and with the same price as well." With these promises you make the client feel worry about you not trust you! So you have to give the customer reasonable promises not exaggerated.

  1.  Do a quick search:

If you are a new freelancer, and submit a lot of projects but no one accepts your proposal, you must do a research about the client or his site if it is in the details of the project before you start writing your own proposal. Check out their pages on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, try to gather as much information as possible about the customer, and include them in your proposal, to show the client that you have studied and put all your effort to win the project. This makes the client feel that you are actually interested, so he will trust you and give you the project.

  1.  Support what you say with previous works:

When you say to the customer, for example, that you are skilled in designing logos, attach samples of your previous work to the customer to trust you more.

Components Writing Project View or Message Coverage:

1- Introduction: It talks about yourself, who you are or the purpose of sending the proposal.

2. Provide a reason why you consider yourself suitable for this project.

3 - Offer your price, as a freelancer you have to determine your price for the project required and mechanism of delivery and delivery date and others. Do not give the client a specific date but leave the period open.

4. Set certain points to show the client that this proposal is specially designed for you, such as ask some questions regarding the nature of the project or what colors he wants in the design and so on or write a specific suggestion.

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