Work remotely is the future! Is your company ready for that?


Because of the developement of the technology that we witness at this time, we are mainly becoming dependent on the internet and computer to accomplish all of our work and tasks. Moreover, companies are moving to work remotely and this type of work is developing faster! For example, In the United State, there are 14 million people work through the internet, which is called freelancing, and it’s expected that one third of the employees in the world will work through the internet in 2020! Yes, you have to believe that.

Most of the companies which believe in work remotely idea have acquired high-caliber employees from all around the world with appropriate wages. They also save the infrastructure expenses, and got more productive workers. Companies need to be aware of the rapid changes in the world and adapt to these changes! Where the concepts of employment remotely is developing day by day. There are also a lot of platforms that connect the freelancers with clients who want to move toward this kind of employment (such as the dubailaners, Freelancer.com and others). But how do you know that your company is ready for this direction? Here are the top 5 things to know:


1 - There are tasks in your company can be implemented remotely

Most of the works in the companies that are moving towards employment remotely can be done online. So you have to ask yourself first, is it possible to accomplish all the required tasks remotely through the Internet? Do your employees or most of them sit for hours on the computer?

If your team already uses technology in completing their tasks and can collaborate together by using the telecommuting tools, communication software and information exchange tools, which means that they can accomplish tasks from anywhere  by using the Internet, it also means that your company is able to handle this type of work!

2. Your employees want to work remotely:

Remote work has become highly appreciated by employees, where the World Leadership Summit in London conducted a survey to 600 CEO, businessmen and academics, the survey indicates that 34% said that more than 50% of the full-time workforce would go to work remotely After 2020, and 25% of them said that three-quarters of the employees will not work in traditional offices. Most of the labor force has become go to work remotely because it has many advantages such as flexibility in working hours, place, and other positive aspects.

3- Difficulty finding competencies:

The presence of your company in a particular location limits the ability to find high qualified and skilled people. and if you want to attract workers from different countries to work in your company, it will be difficult and  will costs you a lot of money, especially if your company is small and with a limited budget. However, the work remotely allows the companies to find high qualified people and expertise from around the world and bringing them to their team with lower costs and effort.


4- Benefits of working remotely:

The Advantages of the remote work is various, here are some:

1. Remote staff are happier and more satisfaction than other. 82% of remote employees said that their fatigue and stress levels have decreased and their morale has raised.

2. Reduce expenses for office furnishing, invoices, insurance and other matters.

3. People who work remotely are more productive than the staff work in offices.

There are countless benefits, such as the possibility of attracting high-level competencies from all over the world without constraining geographical boundaries, freedom and flexibility in work.


Finally, if you see that work remotely is right for your company, first, you have to transform to it gradually, and identify tasks that can be done better if you hire a person remotely, so you can measure the results without losing productivity.


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