6 Tips you should follow before hiring your first freelancer

The experience of hiring the first member of the team can be daunting experience. Fortunately, the founder of startups can first hire a freelancer before hiring a full-time employee. Startup companies may not have a budget to rent a full-time place and incur costs such as taxes, health insurance and vacation times. So working with a freelancer is a great chance to get a job with high quality, while also establishing a beneficial professional relationship.

 However, if you have not hired a freelancer before, there are some things you should know before post your first job:

1. Write a description of the job, expertise and education that you need accurately:

The first thing you need to do before posting a job and hiring freelancers is write the HR document. In it, write all the skills and expertise that you need to be with you in the project during the first year. Determine how many freelancers you need to work with you, their roles and responsibilities. Write under each position its job description and the level of experience required.

For example, if you are a designer and you want to create your startup, it's important to have the communication, patience and leadership skills, as you need marketing professionals and other skills! You will definitely not be able to lead all of these things, you will need one or more people to do all the other things.

2. Make sure the job applicants read the job carefully:

To ensure that the freelancer has read the full description, put at the last description a sentence asking the applicants to write at the beginning of his proposal, like write (to ensure that you have read the full description; write "I'm ready to start" at the beginning of your proposal"

This is important because it accomplishes two things: first, ensure that the freelancer who read the description of the project cares about every single detail. If they don't read the description completely, you will encounter many problems, where they don't fully understand the requirements of the project or they make errors because they simply don't follow the constructions.    

Second, you can filter many proposals that don't start with the phrase "I'm ready to start" and thus, you will save time and effort in considering all proposals.

3. Check out their prior feedback before hiring a freelancer:

The feedback from previous customers is the only thing you have between hiring a bad or good freelancer beside his proposal. When you check the customer's feedback, also check the percentage of job successful for the freelancer to see if they can complete the task at the deadline or not. If you are worrying about this, ask and confirm with the freelancer himself, in this way you can at least make sure you choose a freelancer with a previous record of compliance with deadline and completion the project.

4. Communication is the key:

Once you hire a freelancer and start working on the project, you must be available to answer the questions, clarify the different aspects of the tasks, and make sure that the freelancer knows exactly what to do. Communication should be both sides, the freelancer should periodically inform you of the updates if the project was a long-term project, and you should be able to provide additional details to help the freelancer to complete the task.

5. Pay the freelancers quickly after completion the project:

You will make the freelancer loyal to you and put extra effort into your work when you pay them on time. But that does not mean that you have to pay them blindly without making sure they complete the tasks and check the work to make sure if it meets your expectations and he followed the specifications you outlined in the job description and then make sure that you have pay up as soon as you can.   

5. Cheapest in not always the worst and the most expensive will probably not be the best:

When you post your job, you will get 20 to 50 proposals. Half of them promise you that they can do the project at quarter of the price you originally offered to pay and the other half asking twice the price you offered. There are many new freelancers on the freelancing platforms. They want to work with any price to have a strong profile and their work quality is higher than those who are asking a high price. Don't make the number tempting you, always make sure the freelancers are really understand the job and aren't just sending out a mass-application with the highest price.

With these tips in mind, you will get an impeccable experience in hiring your first freelancer. Make your expectations fair, do not expect too much and treat the freelancer very well and not be strict with them.  

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