To have a strong freelance profile , follow these effective 7 steps

You have become a freelancer for some reason: to have a freedom to work whenever you want or to build your own business from scratch. And other reasons. As a freelancer, your survival in the free market depends heavily on your ability to market yourself—to rise above the others.

Reflecting on the number of ways you market yourself, can you remember the last time your online freelance profile was the key to winning the job? If you do not remember, may be it's time to put efforts on your freelance profile. why? Statistics show that by 2020, the number of full-time and part-time freelancers in the United States alone will be 50% of America's total labor force, witch means the competition will become more fierce. So your profile can be the separetor between finding a lot of new business - or losing any job opportunity.

start creating a strong and compelling profile. As you know that content has a great impact on getting jobs, focus on creating content that attracts new business and makes you brilliant among your competitors in freelance. In this article, we will provide you with the most important 6 steps to create a strong and attractive profile for any freelancer.

Step 1: Write a clear, concise and attractive headline

Your headline should get straight to the point. We recommend to keep it only one line, and do not use many terms, you will have the opportunity to write about yourself in details under the headline. There are three basic things that must be included in the tariff profile:
1- Your services
2- Years of experience
3- Your specialty

With these three key elements, you will be able to transfer your basic qualifications and experience - which often helps you to overcome the first phase of the recruitment process.

Step 2: Share your qualifications and experience

Regardless of value, people mostly interested in learning about your background and experience in your profession. Make your freelance profile comprehensive and include all qualifications, technical skills and years of experience in the field in which you operate. Prove that you are qualified, confident and enthusiastic to take his project. If you hit all the checkpoint, you'll be added to the shortlist - the closest step to win the job.

Step 3: Explain the value you will achieve

Instead of explaining "what you do'", focus on "how to make it". How were you able to boost to increase your client's sales by 111%? How do you transform a cubicle-shaped office into a dream workplace?
People usually focus more on your ability to solve the problem and achieve results rather than focusing on the exact details of what you do.

Step 4: Be passionate

passion and enthusiasm is a great valuable for the clients. why? You should be able to give your customers what they want and the value they want. What's more, you must come from a clever person. Show your passion and enthusiasm directly on your personal profile to help you be at the forefront of your competition. It shows that you are really interested and better yet, it shows the customer that you are human.
As you write your profile, write to your target customer, speak their language, call his pain points and write how you can help him fix it! Remember, a little empathy saves you a lot!

Step 5: Make it easy for people to reach and contact you.

Make it easy for potential customers to discover how to reach and contact you and start a conversation. The easier you communicate, the more reliable you are. Finally, reliability is one of the most important factors for clients to employ freelancers. They put their vision and tasks in your hands. If you have a freelance profile, you need to communicate within the platform system, so that you must not include external contact information to avoid getting penalized or banned from the site. Where a freelance platform was created to deal and communicate effectively with customers.

Step 6: Upload a professional photo

What really bothers customers is to develop a non-professional image, the professional image is an essential part of first impressions. If you can, invest in taking high-quality photos. If this is not possible, all you need to do is take the right position and make your friend pick up some pictures using a high-quality camera. Remember, you do not have to stick to the passport photo base without a smile. You are basically trying to win customers, look for warmth and affection.

Step 7: Create an update plan

your freelance profile is not a source of ownership and forgetfulness. It actually requires you to update periodically. Just as you update your resume as you gain more experience or get another degree, you also need to update your online profile. So, visit your profile every few months to update your data or paraphrase some terms.

For freelancers, your digital profile is your resume. If you want to get paid, you must have a separate profile. This is what makes the first impression, gets you on the interview and makes you stand out from the competitors.

Tell us, what can you add to your personal profile on the Platforms to make it stronger? Do you have any other tips you'd like to add to the list to help other freelancers colleagues? We would like to read your thoughts in the comments below!

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