How to manage your time effectively as a freelancer

Time management is a challenge for all of us, but this challenge is more difficult for freelancers because they face a unique set of issues when it comes to get the most benefit of time and organizing it. They are not only trying to manage the projects they are working on, but also communicating and dealing for long hours with many customers and trying to find new customers at the same time. Here are some guidelines and tips for managing your time as a freelancer that you should consider to get an organized and comfortable life.

- Start early:

Freelance can mean just one thing which is (waking up whenever you want!) But in fact, this is a mistake! Waking up in the afternoons every day of your freelance career will lead you to the way to failure. If you're working on managing your time better, try waking up early and doing business early in the day. If you can accomplish a lot of work before noon, this will put you in a good position, you will have enough time to do other things you want. 

- Eliminate distractions

While you work, turn off the TV, stay away from social media, don't answer your text messages, and other things. Basically, anything unrelated to work should not be used during your working hours. You will have enough time to make a call or reply to a message, but try to reduce the use of these things as much as possible.

- Take a break:

Sometimes you better split your work. Like working for an hour and then taking a break for 15 minutes, then working for another hour, take a 10 minute break.  Taking commas helps to clear your mind and recharge it with energy. Doing the work for a very long time results in mood irritation, lack of concentration and fatigue and therefore leads to low productivity and inefficient work.

- Set a schedule that suits you.

 it's advisable to consider your freelance career as a regular job. But set your own schedule and stick to it, work and take a lunch break for example, and then go back to work and so on every day. Assign you a certain time to work, and try to keep these hours consistent. Some freelancers choose not to work during the day and work in the evening.  There is no problem as long as you are committed to a specific schedule of work.

- Say no

 Finally, the most important skill that any worker person, whether working for a company or a freelancer, must have the ability to draw a clear line. Don't be afraid to say no to a job or task that is not in your duties or you do not have enough time to complete it. Or when you negotiate a price you don't like or anything that you're not satisfied with. 
One of the greatest benefits in a freelance lifestyle is that no one can tell you what to do – at least not as the same way that the manager can say to an employee. Don't forget you're your own boss.

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