How to create your dubailancers' profile

Successful freelancers have a complete, accurate profile that clarify their services, skills, and accomplishments. So your profile is an opportunity to market your services to potential clients.  If you’d like to be a successful freelancer, you have to make your profile  A 100% complete. 

To get started on dubailancers: 

The first thing you need to know is that you can be a freelancer and client in the same profile on dubailancers as you see below

As a freelancer, you are looking for work then, the correct profile will be Freelancer, so click on  “As Freelancer” button to complete your profile

Here are the steps you will follow in order to complete your profile on

1. List Your Skills

List maximum five skills that enable you to do your job. These skills should be the most important and most relevant skills for your job category and the jobs you will apply for. Make sure you order them by proficiency. 

2. Add Your Slogan

This section is one of the most important parts of your profile.

It is essential to realize that this is the first real description of yourself that clients will see, so you want to catch their eye right away. This small line will play a big role in determining whether a client continues looking at your profile and hopefully hire you for the job or just ignore you.

When writing your Slogan, remember these three things:

  • Be simple and concise: Use direct words to create a professional title that describes your skills.

  • Be specific: Remember competition is high, so you have to be very precise on what niche you want to work in, and avoid following the trades as this will narrow your chances of getting hired.

  • Use keywords: Use key words that both describe your skills and that a potential client might use to search for someone with your skills.

3. Add a Profile Photo 

When choosing a profile photo, search for a professional and friendly photo. This should be a high- resolution headshot. A high quality profile picture is important because it gives clients a sense of who you are. 

Your profile picture is the first thing that represents you so ensure it transfer friendliness and professionalism. When taking a profile photo, look straight in the camera and smile. Remember, use your real photo. Do not use cat photos or Google images. If you are looking for inspiration, this photo here is the best example of a quality profile picture, just make sure it is you!

4. Add an Introduction Video

On dubailancers, you have the option to add an introduction video on your profile. But we encourage you to make one, it will:

  • Makes your profile stand out and increases your chances of getting noticed by clients.

  • be a good chance to show a compelling look at who you are and what you offer.

Your video should be about a minute not more than that. Just introduce yourself, give a brief overview of the type of your work, describe your skills, experience, and past employment. End by thanking the viewers for their interest, express your wish to work with them and don’t forget to invite them to look at your profile.

5. Add Your Overview

This section is your chance to tell potential clients a bit more about yourself. You get to market yourself in a few more words. Express the unique skills that you possess that will be of value to your clients in a professional and concise way. Focus on your niche-specific skills.

When creating your overview, put these things in your mind:

  1. Start with the most important information first.

  2. Type of work you want to do

  3. Write the years of experience you hold.

  4. Your proficiency with systems and industry-relevant software.

  5. Accomplishments you’re proud of.

  6. Languages you speak and are proficient working in.

6. Add Your work experience

To improve your profile and credibility, list your work experience as a way to showcase your experience, past projects, and qualifications. In this section, list your previous work experience focusing only on projects that relate to the type of job you want.

Use bullet points to highlight achievements and specific expertise.  Make sure that you add a brief description of your responsibilities and examples of projects you accomplished in each position listed.

7. Add Your Education

To further validate your credentials, let clients know more about your educational background. List the institution name and your degree(s) in chronological order with the most recent degree at the top. Education background is important even if what you studied is not related to what you are currently doing.

If you do not have a formal education, it’s not a big deal. Just add all informal and self-taught education in the “Other Experiences” section.

When listing your education be simple and specific. If you gain new qualifications make sure you update your profile routinely to help you get more jobs in the future.

8. Set your Hourly Rate

The penultimate step when creating your dubailancers’ profile is to set your hourly rate. This is probably the most confusing bit of the profile because people tend to feel shy about what they think they are worth, while some just overdo it. While there is no right hourly rate, ensure that your starting rate matches your experience and skills. You could also take a look at what other freelancers in your chosen categories are charging and pick a rate that is competitive with theirs.

9. Connect Your Social Accounts

This section is optional,  you will be asked to address your social account like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin.  but remember that linking your profile with your social account will establish your presence and will make it easy for dubailancers to match you to relevant jobs that match your skills and experience.

Linking your account also will help you build a great reputation and identity. This, in turn, will increase your Reliability in the eyes of clients because they can see that you are active on social media not only on dubailancers! 









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