establishing and running a startup is difficult, everyone wants to be a successful founder and has gainful company, but in reality there is about 90% probability that your company will fail at the beginning. You may have heard that out of 10 startups, nine of them will not exceed five years.

The long-term survival of your company depends on many factors, such as your ability to collect finance and attract the best talents, and your experience also plays a big role.

Experienced entrepreneurs are likely to succeed 3 times more than the new startup company whose founders are inexperienced.

Logically,the more you have experience in any field, the better to do it! But we can help improve the chances of being a survivor in the long run, even if you're working on your first startup.

Here are some of the biggest and most common mistakes made by startups you have to avoid.

Stop hiring the wrong people.

When your startup is new, it's necessary to employ people who help you grow. You can't waste time and money paying for non-influential people. This does not mean that they are bad people or bad employees.

The wrong employee can be a talented and committed person, but this means they are! not suitable for your startup company at this time. When your company expands, you'll need to hire people that match your passion for growth.

Hiring the wrong person can reduce your productivity and cost you about $50, 000. So, how do you make sure you're hiring the right person? This starts from the interview!  experts say that you should not appoint people who prove that their technical skills are only strong. You should look for other skills such as problem solving skills.

Of course, they need to have strong technical skills, yet it is important that they can quickly think about solving difficult problems, which helps your company to grow in the early stages.

Thomas Edison had an innovative way of testing the abilities of candidates to solve problems before hiring them. He had served them with a bowl of soup. Why? Because he wants to see if they will ask to add salt or black pepper to it before tasting it, if they do, they are excluded from the job, because he doesn't not want them making assumptions, as the assumptions kill innovation

The early years of your startup are similar to Edison's research: you need someone who has a problem-solving skill.

Stop doing operations in everything

You don't need a documented procedure for everything. The procedures are very important, but like anything else, they should be used in moderation. Startups need employees who are not afraid to think outside the box, creative problem-solving can save your startup from financial ruin. Do not overburden your employees with complex processes that distract them from doing the work they need to do.

You need operations, but the trick is to continually develop those processes. The operation can be anything. It's how customers get their bills. The way your team handles a new feature request or an error report. You also need smart people and creative solutions, and most of all, you need to give freedom to these smart people to create creative solutions even if they don't correspond to a well-defined checklist.

Encourage your employees to come to you with suggestions to make your current operations more effective or useful. Instead of completely getting rid of operations, focus on their continual improvement.

Stop assuming you know your customer:

I'll ask you a question.

When was the last time a concentration group was held? Or send a questionnaire to your customers? Or even talk to one of them? If you are not sure of the last time that anything happened, you have a big problem, you need to listen to your customers.

The best way is to ask people for feedback. You can set up a focus group for your new product idea or experimental test suite for your software. Experimental version testers can receive your product for free to use. Then, they make suggestions and feedback about features or find bugs.

If you've started, you'll need to do a lot of research to determine whether your idea has a place on the market or not. Use the answer the public site, you can type a keyword and see all the questions that real people have searched for this topic online.
For example, type  "freelancing " and read the results that appear for you. This is an easy way to learn about the problems people or things want to know more about. You should talk to people who want to attract them and find out what they love and what they dislike in products like your products. Do not assume that you know the features that your ideal customers want, take your time in searching and testing.

Don't try to serve everyone.

Just like the mistake of assuming you know what your customers want is to try to be everything for everyone. Your target market is not  "everyone ". Your market must be a small fraction of people who have a specific problem that your product solves. 

For people who have websites, they must know what works on their site and work to improve it in order to increase conversion. Google Analytics helps you find out where your customers come from and how many people visit the site. Once you know your target market, marketing them becomes easier.

You don't just need to know what problems they face, but you need to know everything about your target market. Where they live? Where do they surf the internet? What is most important for them in the product: saving time, price and certain features? You should be able to answer these questions before you start marketing

One of the strategies  to ensure that your product is suitable for your target market is to build a so-called "viable product". Then test it with a small group of customers.

 You must have a clean and simple design, even if not the final design interface that you want. Think of it as a model of your idea, it must be functional and present something new to the customer. Let them test it, then use their feedback to improve your product in future releases. These comments can also provide valuable testimonials that you can use and should be used in your marketing materials

Stop holding unnecessary meetings:

Meetings are the main reasons for lost productivity

 Many successful people and those with high productivity avoid meetings as much as possible, because some of them may last long. Before the meeting starts, it must be assured that the time has been set, and it is advisable to avoid frequent meetings, especially if the task can be accomplished by other means without a meeting.

That doesn't mean you have to get rid of all the meetings. A common way to keep everyone informed and manage projects is to hold regular daily meetings. These are also known as  "scrum  meetings " or  "groups ". It comes from Agile project management philosophy and is commonly seen in software companies. Where they are held while standing, this helps to keep them short. It should only take 10-15 minutes. It means as a way for all employees to briefly indicate what they are doing and whether they need any help from their teammates.

You may have thought of starting your own business, but you try to ignore this idea! You live with your daily routine and spend most of your time doing something you just hate for physical stability, but it keeps you limited with a fixed salary. Did you know you have latent energy within you that makes you able to do a lot and learn everything new? Of course you have a distinct project idea that you expect will succeed and make a lot of profits but you are afraid to start it, not because employees, partners, and investors will depend on you, but because you have to prove to yourself, your family and your friends that your idea is worth and that you can really make it happen.

Our nature as human beings; we prefer to study our decision carefully and not take any rash decisions, but there are some fears that keep us at zero points and make us unable to achieve what we aspire to!

Fears that prevent you to become an entrepreneur and how to overcome them:

I do not know where to start my own project:

"Entrepreneurs need self-motivation, not just encouragement from others, and because there is a high probability of failure, the idea of becoming an entrepreneur must be from the same person." Leonardo da Vinci's begun his way in a drawing by re-paint other painters. So the best way to start your own project is to replicate what the other entrepreneurs do, but do not forget to be unique and take your own ways. Seeing the successful experiences of CEOs and taking advantage of their expertise will provide you with the necessary knowledge and how to start your project.

So look for projects which similar to your idea, and read about their experiences and how they started. Ask the specialists in the field of entrepreneurship directly, tell them about your idea, they will definitely help you how to start and what things should be taken into account, things that must be studied, and make sure the feasibility of your idea and whether the market needs it or not.

I’m too young to start my own business:

Many people think this way, they are still young enough to start their own business, but I want to tell you that age isn’t linked with entrepreneurship, I know a person who is 15 years old founded his company. Whatever your age, throw it behind your back and rush towards your dream. Age is not a measure, as long as you are alive and have the ability to achieve what you want, then quickly set up your company!

I’m not an expert:

Many people think that they have to have the necessary experience with entrepreneurship to start working on their idea, but this is completely wrong. "Do not worry, any mistake you make now is a great income for you," says Alibaba's founder and president. So do not be stress if you make a mistake or you do not know the details of your project. You have to contact and consult experienced people, this helps to accelerate your career towards professionalism.

What if my project does not attract any customers?

This question is the biggest nightmare of most people and makes them quit the idea. But before you ask this question yourself, do a study of the target market before starting the project! You have to study the idea well and make it marketable. Know the needs of the market well and work to develop your idea based on his needs.

I do not have any funding:

Of course, you will not start your project with a huge budget. You will not work on building a huge store at first, or building a chain of restaurants. Most companies started with something very simple, such as Microsoft, which started in a back garage and then took their idea of evolution. You probably will not be able to realize your idea overnight, there are steps you have to go through and then go global.

The lack of funding can be overcome by working as a freelancer to achieve the required budget or working alongside your project.

What if my project fails?

What if I did all I could but I failed!

Having a good idea, doing a good study of the target market, developing the idea, good marketing will inevitably lead to success, but it is imperative to fail. If you fail to achieve your project, you have gained a lot of knowledge and gained the experience to start again. The probability of your success will inevitably be greater

There is nothing in life without risk, our lives are full of risk. You risk your life every time you go out of your house, but you go out. Every time you drink water, you risk being choked, but we have to drink or we will die of drought! A lot of things are not dangerous, but their interior is full of risk. If you live your life without any risks, you risk losing what is bigger, you will lose opportunities you have never seen. What is more dangerous thing than losing your project is to lose your passion!

The success of a startup is measured by how focused you are and how well you plan to achieve the expected results. But most important of all is to enjoy in what you do!

Since you have opened this article to read its content, you are definitely thinking in leaving your current job and starting your own business. However, you are somewhat hesitant about the risks in leaving your job in both the professional and the personal level. There will be no fixed source of income and abandonment of insurance and many things that fixed job offers. But at the same time you want to meet your passion and ambition. You have an idea and believe that it will make huge profits, but you do not know how and when to start.

The idea of becoming a CEO is a very tempting idea and gives you a sense of freedom, but it is not an easy step, where it needs to be study carefully. If you have the spirit of adventure, challenge and ready to put all your effort to realize your dream and have the courage to quit your current job, there are some things you should do before you leave the job and devote to your full-time business.

5 things will help you be ready to start your own business before leaving your current job:

1. Preparing for Entrepreneurship Facts:

The field of entrepreneurship is risky despite the advantages it has, like becoming a CEO, setting your own rules, doing things that meet your passion, ambition and others. You should know there are many leading companies have failed, and entrepreneurs have ended up returning to their previous jobs. So you have to understand this very well. Entrepreneurship is not for those who have weak hearts, but it needs the spirit of adventure and challenge. There is no entrepreneur who does not risk, but risking become a way of their life and living to achieve they dream and goal. If you are not prepared to take risks, do not try to be a business entrepreneur.

2. Do research:

You can't jump head first into building your Startup if you haven't done your research. You have to do research about market needs, does the market need your idea? You can study the market while you are in your job, and you have to determine whether your idea will be a product or a service. Background research you need to do includes, but is not limited to:

  • Learn every things about your product or service.
  • Know your audience.
  • Searching your competitors.
  • Finding the right team.
  • Knowing what your most profitable sales and marketing channels will be.

3. Create a business plan:

Once you've finished your research, write it down on paper. Setting up a business plan before you leave your current job is a key to the success to any startup. When you build a business plan you can pitch your business to the potential investors, partners and stakeholders. This usually includes:

  • Overview of the project.
  • Executive Summary.
  • Description of the company.
  • Objectives, vision and mission of the company.
  • Information about the target market and market size.
  • Information about the team.
  • Marketing plan.
  • Implementation plan.
  • Financial plan.

4- Check your financial resources and get rid of your debt:

Before you start your own business, check how much money you have and determine if it's enough to finance the project or not. If you have a job and have a specific salary, you should consider saving adequate capital for your project before leaving the job. Having the right capital to save through your business is the most important thing, as you will not have to resort to the loans or look for different sources of financing.

If you cannot make the necessary money, you will have no choice but to turn to the investors, but first, you must end all your financial transactions and debts to be able to convince the investor and get the investment.

5- Ask for help

There is nothing wrong to ask for advice and consult people who have experience in the field of entrepreneurship. Even if your idea or your business plan is wonderful, there should be pitfalls that you do not see, so consult people who have experience, they will certainly tell you about these pitfalls and make you think differently and look at things in different ways. There are also many online resources about entrepreneurship you can get benefits from them. In addition, there are many institutions that support startup and provide them with necessary advice and supplies to move forward with their projects, providing them with the necessary information for the success of their projects from scratch to start up, and how to market your startup.

Nowadays, most of the entrepreneurs, small business owners, HR or product managers hire freelancers to help them and grow their business. But who is the freelancer? Freelancer is a person have great skills and wide experience and work on different projects from his own home, office or at any place he wants and deliver high-quality work. Sound good, right? You sometime ask yourself when do I need to hire a freelancer? How they benefit me, my business, or the company that I work with?  In this article, we will answer all the questions that come up in your mind.

When you should hire a freelancer?

When you don't have the skills to get some project done:

We already don't have all the skills in the world. So when you have a project that need some skills you don't have and go hiring a full-time employee for some project doesn't make sense! In this situation you need a freelancer with the skills you need to work on the project, negotiate with him about the price and the hours of work. Then deliver a high- quality work. 

You are too busy and have too many tasks to get done:

  You have a bunch of work and you have to get them all done in one or two days! Sound creasy right? Freelancers will be a great choice. Think about it, you have many project, bunch of deadline but you can't handle everything. You can solve this challenge by hiring a professional freelancer. Choose one of the best freelancer, give him all the instructions and the deadline. The problem solved!

Your budget is limited

You have a limited budget, but at the same time you need a quality work! And definitely you don’t a poor work, do you? So in this case, the freelancer is the best choice for you, you will be satisfied about the price and the quality as well.

The freelancers are a great solution if you are looking for a high-quality work with suitable cost, where there will be no taxes, no benefits, no PTO.) You only pay for their service. There are many websites allow you to find best freelancer with suitable price like Dubilancers, Mostaql and many others.

On the other hand, many of professionals switch from their full-time job to becoming a freelancer. Where the freelancing allow them to work with different companies from different world. 

Freelancers are more fixable:

Freelancer will work when you need them. Because there is no contractual obligations involved. And they can deliver the work as you want. This is amazing when you want on-going project and when you're only looking for a quick project.

Get an easy and direct communication

If you prefer to communicate with the people who work for you immediately, then you have to skip to work you agencies, since you will just communicate with the manager, not the marketer, designer, writer and so on. For this reason, go and work with a freelancer. In this way, you will get an easy and efficient communication. In addition, you will be more control over the material and all the objectives.

Finally, if your business is experiencing a busy period, like launching a new product or want achieve something quickly, the freelancer can get it done well with less money and high-quality.


Many young entrepreneurs may not have the same level of experience as those who have worked in this field for decades. And we can’t camper their experience with those who is still at the beginning of their journey in the entrepreneurship.

In fact, there is one guaranteed way that help young entrepreneurs move steadily toward their goals without worry, and have more knowledge than many of their predecessors in this field which is reading” You can not continue your business in any field without having enough information to help you continue your path successfully, overcome potential problems and difficulties. In this article we will provide you with 5 books talking about the other entrepreneurs experience and knowledge can help you to succeed!

5 books young entrepreneur must read

 Book One: The Lean Startup

"The rules have changed, business is no longer about updating the business plan every few weeks," this what Eric Ries say in his book “The Lean Startup,” the book discusses many of the reasons leading to the failure of startups and how to prevent them in a Simplified and clear way without any complications.

The book offers a scientific and intuitive methodology for how to successfully establish a successful startup, as well as a set a number of ideas and experiences from successful and unsuccessfu projects. The book is one of the most recommended books by specialists. The book attempts to replace the time wasted in developing accurate and detailed action plans to new and innovative means to test the vision of the company continuously, and how to adapt and control before it is too late.

Book Two: Click Millionaires

With the increasing volume of e-commerce and Internet control over many businesses, you may need to read some books about business establishment and marketing online. Click Millionaires is one of the most important books that young entrepreneurs can read in this area.  It will give you many Information about how to conduct business online and how to use them in a perfect manner.

This book may be more suitable for entrepreneurs who want to create and operate successful businesses from anywhere in the world, even sitting on a beach and watching the sunset.

In addition, the book explains how to use software and automated online e-marketing to generate sequential revenue. For example, the book shows how to find profitable online ventures that suit your needs, interests and skills, and shows many successful experiences of ordinary people who have become millionaires by establishing an online business.

Book 3: The E-Myth Revisited

There are many misconceptions about starting a business and how to become a successful entrepreneur, and you may get some confusion, as a result of your reading many contradictory information on this issue! “Michael E. Gerber” guides you through several simple steps to successfully establish your business. The E-Myth Revisited many illusions and misconceptions about entrepreneurship.

The book focuses on how entrepreneurs develop their business rather than work, which mean managing business without your own intervention. The book discusses the idea of doing what you love rather than doing what you should do. The book also explain the stage that any entrepreneur will pass when decide to establish a startup with a clear and simple way.

Book 4: The Hard Thing About Hard Things

The Hard Thing About Hard Things provides entrepreneurs with many important tips on building and running startups, how to analyze problems, find solutions and how difficult to manage business. these are some of the points discussed in the book. In a simplified and full of realistic experiences.

The book tries to put you in the position of executive director of the company and to have this mentality from now. With no doubting, the book is one of the important references in guiding entrepreneurs during their long and arduous journey.

Are you an executive? Do you aspire to be an executive president? So you need to read this book, these words will be seen at the beginning of your reading of this book and you will see that it is right after finishing it.

Book 5: Business Model Generation

Forget about the old-fashioned business models that are out of date and start thinking about how to create new and powerful business models with the great Business Model Generation book.

This book is one of the most important references to any entrepreneur when building a business model. It was co-authored by 470 business professionals in 45 countries around the world. The book delves into the depths of business models, trying to provide readers with an insight into business models or those modern and sophisticated models.


When you start building your company, you definitely want to grow it up and achieve your goal of establishing this company! Let us look at it as a pie in your hands, now, you have a small pie in your hand, but this pie does not satisfy you; you need to grow it to eat it or  someone else will buys it with a high price and get it, and then you'll make more pie, right? This is the overall goal of creating your startup .

If you have a startup and you are trying to develop it as quickly and efficiently as possible, the tips in this article are for you. Of course, you know that these tips are not sacred, doubtful,  it can be changed, or may not be compatible with your method of management, but if you follow them all or some of them, I assure you that your company will not stay small and it will grow as quickly as possible!

If you want to clarify your company's goal … follow these 5 steps.

1. Setting measurable goals.

The first step in clarifying your startup goal is to determine exactly what you want and make sure that your goal is worth your effort. You also have to think about how to design it if you are sure of their success, and what your strategy will be like if you are your last chance. It is important to set clear goals. You need to know exactly where you want to go. You should not abandon your goal no matter how hard the road is, and be as specific in your goals as possible to determine when you have reached it

2. Make it specific and deliberate

Again, make sure that your company's goals are not vague and random. And they have to be compatible with your circumstances. When you set your goals, ask yourself these questions

?Do you have time and available  resources to achieve them-

?Are you fully committed to your goal-

?Are you aware of the sacrifices required by this goal and are you willing to do it-

After answering these questions, you must set your overall goal and then set small goals that meet the overall goal. Create a road map to see exactly how to reach your goal. Be specific about what you want to achieve at each stage. In this way you will achieve much more than you expect without these guidelines

3. Commit to your Goals

Make a commitment and stick with it. Once you have set your plan, you need to stay motivated to see your goals come true. Do not delay or second-guess your decisions, it will only delay the process. Finally do not forget to enjoy achieving your goals and rewarding yourself for staying focused.

4. Share your goals with the team

It is important that you share the goals you set with the team to achieve your company's success. Invite them and share with them your objectives and distribute tasks among them to achieve the overall goal. Each person in the team has specific tasks to do to reach the success of the company. It is also important to work as a team and define a general strategy for the distribution of tasks. For example, if your goal is to attract new customers to your website, :think about –as an example

Launching a marketing campaign to increase the number of potential customers who visit the site

.Marketing on social platforms

.Creating a blog… etc

5. Set a deadline.

If you do not set a deadline for each task, then your goal will fail. This will indicate that you are not serious or committed to achieving it. So you have to set reasonable deadlines. It should not be Strict, but you should not be too far away as well.

Finally, as the company owner, remember, it's important to take the time to set goals and review your business. You should also remember that having clear and specific goals can:

 Helps your company grow-

- - Facilitate teamwork and cooperation

            Achieve your goals-

Helps everyone understand the direction your company is heading towards.-



Social media are not only social networking platforms, but also become an effective and powerful tool for companies of all sizes to reach potential customers and develop their businesses. The audience is already interacting with brands through social media. If you do not talk directly to your customers through social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, you will lose your value in the market! The great marketing through social media brings great success for your business, creates a loyal audience for your brand and drives more leads and increase sales.

Let's first know the Social media marketing: What is the Social media marketing?

Marketing through social networks is a form of online marketing that involves creating and sharing compelling and appealing content to achieve your marketing goals and brand. Social media marketing includes various activities such as publishing updates texts, images and videos. So that it's compelling for the audience to follow along with creating paid ads

In this article, we'll provide you with an introduction to social media marketing and give you some tips to help you improve your company's social presence:

The first step: Start with a strong plan

Before starting your marketing campaign across social networks, consider your business goals. Starting a marketing campaign without a strategy for this campaign is like walking around in the woods without a map, it might be fun at first, but you'll be lost

Here are some of the questions you should ask when setting your goals in marketing through social media:

1. What do you want to achieve from this marketing campaign?

2. Who is your target audience?

3. Where will your audience be and how do they use social media?

4. What message would you like to send to your audience via social media?

For example, travel or e-commerce companies can reach their customers and achieve their goal using instagram and Pinterest channels. Companies targeting other companies or marketing companies can achieve their goal using Twitter and LinkedIn.

How social media marketing can help you achieve your business goals?

Social networks can help you achieve the following goals:

1. Increase traffic on your website.

2. Raising your brand awareness among your customers.

3 - Create a visual identity for your brand.

4 - Improve communication and interaction with the main audience.

The more engaged your audience is with your business on social networks, the easier it will be to achieve any other marketing goal in your list!

Here are the best tips you should take into account when you start marketing using social networks:

Are you ready to start your marketing campaign on social networks? Here are some tips for starting a strong marketing campaign on social media:

  •  Developing social media content plan: As mentioned above, it is necessary to develop a marketing plan through social media. When you create a marketing strategy, you need to develop a content strategy, such as keyword research and competitive research, to help share ideas that will attract your target audience. What are the means and activities your competitors use in the social media to increase interaction?
  • - Creating strong social content: Beside other areas of online marketing, content is dominant when it comes to marketing through social media. Be sure to publish regularly, and provide valuable information to customers, so that, when  the customer finds it useful and interesting he will share it on his personal account_ Videos and pictures are the most interactive content.
  •  Create a band image: When you create accounts for your company on more than one social platform, you must put a unified image in all accounts of the company. Although each platform has its own unique environment, visual identity must remain constant.
  • - Using social media to promote content: Social networks are the ideal channels for sharing your site and blog with readers. After creating loyal followers on your business page, you will be able to publish every new content on your blog. The blog content will help you build more followers. Content marketing and social media marketing complement each other.
  • - Share other related links: When using social media for marketing, this is a great opportunity to share your unique content to gain more followers and fans, and a great opportunity to share links to external articles as well. If you provide your audience other resources that contain valuable information and you think they will appeal your followers, feel free to share them. Connectivity with external sources improves trust and reliability between you and your customers.
  • - Tracking competitors: It is always important to monitor your competitors, as they provide you valuable data to search for keywords and other information across social networks. If your competitors are using a certain marketing channel in an excellent way, consider doing the same but in a better way!
  • - Measuring success by using analytical tools: You cannot determine how successful your marketing strategy is through social media without tracking data. You can use Google analytics as a great tool to track your marketing campaigns, and you can determine which strategy is successful and which does not work. Attach tracking tags to your marketing campaigns across social networks so you can better monitor them. Be sure to use analytics within each social network to get more social insights that best serve your audience.

If you asked the marketers or business owners what the most thing they want in the world, they will probably tell you "more customers." So what often  come after increasing the number of customers in the list? There will be more traffic on their sites.  There are many ways in which you can increase traffic on your website. In this article, we'll share with you the top 7 ways to increase website traffic for free

 :7Effective ways to increase your website traffic


It's the most popular way, so we'll talk about it first. Paid search, social media ads, and image ads are great ways to attract visitors, build your brand, and increase the traffic in your site. Put your paid strategy suits your goals - just want more traffic? Or you are looking to increase conversions as well? Each paid channel has its advantages and disadvantages, so think carefully about your goals before reaching your credit card

If you hope to get more traffic on your site and more sales, you'll need to target high search keywords as part of paid search strategies. Yes, competition for these search terms can be fierce (and costly), but the benefits you may derive are worth.

:Use the social media

It's not enough to create great content and hope that people find it - you have to be proactive. One of the best ways to increase traffic to your website is to use social media channels to promote your content. Twitter is ideal for spreading short and attractive (and tempting) links, while promoting Google adwords can help your site appear in customized search results, and is particularly effective for B2B companies. If you represent a B2C product company, you may find great attraction with heavy social sites such as Pinterest and Instagram.

:Content diversity

There is no magic formula for successful content marketing, despite what some might think. For this reason, you have to diversify the content of your company, you can change the length and format of your content to make it as attractive as possible and attract different readers. You can publish a short blog based on news, and long content. In addition to creating video, charts and various designs to maximize impact.

:Use On-Page SEO

Improving the search engine on the page (SEO) is one of the cornerstones of successful websites. It's important to make sure that your site and content are as relevant as possible to those looking for your products or services. This means an extra effort to search for the right keywords and create valuable content with attractive wording. In 2018, you need to optimize your search engines to stay at the top of your competition list.

:Guest blogging

Before people tell you that blogging is no longer useful, I will tell you if you follow a strong strategic approach, posting in guest blogs on sites that have good visitors are one of the best ways to increase traffic on your website. The most important thing is to write in blogs where your target audience is present. It would also prefer to ask other bloggers to blog on your website and publish their posts on social networking sites. Not just writing work, but also podcasts, Instagram acquisitions, and the appearance of YouTube are all very effective in 2018 and other coming years.

:Share content to LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become more than just a way to find another job. It Has become the largest professional social network in the world now. To post valuable content means that you should publish content on LinkedIn on a regular basis. This can increase traffic to your site, as well as your profile's profile visits - especially if you have a lot of followers.

:Start by marketing via e-mail

Many companies focus on attracting new customers through content marketing and forgetting traditional methods such as email marketing. Email marketing can be a tool to drive traffic to your website. However, with the development of e-mail marketing methods, such as creating e-mail subscriptions, collected e-mails as frequently as possible. According to a recent study, 320% of extra revenue is due to welcoming e-mail messages than other promotional emails.

Who among us doesn’t like the moment of writing an item off your long list of tasks or delivering a completed project? But what if you are working on a long-term project with an endless supply of tasks! Of course, you will get bored! Such projects pose a great challenge even to the most experienced project manager among us!

Whether you run a huge two-year IT project or work on a delayed delivery project because of out-of-control problems, staying motivated is a natural challenge for many managers. When you work on a long-term project, you have to step up and find innovative ways to stay and your team in tune to remain your performing at a high level!

Here are the 4 ways to keep yourself and your team motivated while working on a long-term project

  • Be realistic when setting your goals: 

It’s easy to lose your sense of realism when planning for the future. One of the ways to avoid the pitfalls of setting unrealistic goals and timetables is to pay special attention to the feasibility of the practical plan. Avoid fatigue during project planning and remember to make time for very difficult tasks. Do not close your plan until all the heads of departments participating in the project sign off on it.

  • Focus on small and meaningful tasks: 

Small-scale achievements are key. So focus on one small task at a time and have a big impact. At the end of the day, you and your team will find yourselves satisfied with the performance you've achieved. If you want to raise your productivity, try to work on an extra small task. For example, have a conversation with your boss or team member that you are delaying or talk to the client about how to get this project out of the infinity circle, clear and update the error queue, or setup and exit folders, this will take 5 minutes or more, but it will make a big difference in your schedule.

  • Performance Measurement

How to know if your project is going as planned or you need extra time? How to know whether their goals are realized or not? How to track progress in the first place? Of course, by measuring it.

It will be much easier on the team, knowing exactly how much they have accomplished and how much work remains. It will be easier for you too because you will know whether you should speed up your work or extend the project a bit or continue as quickly as possible. 

For this reason, you should consider measuring performance directly from the start of the project and setting intermediate deadlines and inform your team.


  • Focus on why

During the project, never forget why you started working on it. This will keep you and your team enthusiastic. If you know the end result of how it will be, draw a picture of achieving the goal and place it on your office wall as a catalyst.

Make sure the team is reminded that every step of the process - no matter how tired they are - is an important step to the project's success.

Prepare a meeting with team members to visualize the final project and why this ultimate goal is important.  Try to keep focus on why the deadline for delivery was set. If the deadline is kind of authoritarian, set a reward for the team, like launching abroad to celebrate the achievement. A festive lunch also helps to commemorate the hard work and give a sense of joy to the occasion.

Gone are the days when "self-employment" was considered as an unreliable professional choice. With companies adopting a flexible work environment, many freelancing jobs have gained popularity recently. The growing demand on outsourcing by companies has led to a rise in the number of people who choose self-employment rather than a full-time job. The main reason is the challenges that people face in the full-time job.

According to a recent report by Paypal, web and mobile development, web design, internet research, and data entry are the most sought-after areas of freelancing, and writing, translation, graphic design and consulting.

The report highlighted that many people have embarked on self-employment after hearing about it from friends, family, social media and self-employment platforms. And the main reasons that led them to adopt freelancing, is to earn more income, flexibility in working time and the ability to choose customers and the field he likes to work. 

Here are the top 4 reasons why working with freelancing is the best choice for startups

  • Reduce incremental costs:

  The most important aspect of any startup is financial stability and sustainability. Often, startups work on limited budgets and strict deadlines.  So depending on outsourcing like working with a freelancer is essential for startups to save costs and at the same time get the job done as quickly as possible.

  • Get high quality work in a quick time:

Hiring a full-time employee is an adventure for startups, because the founders are not sure if the employee is qualified enough to add value to the company's vision and mission. One interview is not enough to assess anyone's ability. Contractors or freelancers become a good bet in terms of work and quality assessment because the duration is always short and ends when the job done.

  • Suit for a short-term project:

Often, startups and small businesses hire freelancing for short-term projects that their full-time employees cannot do. If the type of work is short-term and the company does not want to commit to a fixed cost at the same time try out people especially in fields like graphic designing, then freelancing option may make sense for startups.


  • Work on different projects and costs

Working with freelancers or outsourcing  companies will cost you $ 15 to $ 50 per hour or per project. In both cases, the cost will be lower compared to an internal employee. An independent developer may charge $ 20 to $ 50 per hour hour, as a startup, you can work with more than one freelancer to execute multiple projects in a swift time.


 A solid business idea requires creativity, planning and self-search. The most common mistake most entrepreneurs make is that they initiate any idea they think might be successful, but there are certain criteria that you should consider before starting your business.

In this article we chose the  top 4 tips for choosing a successful business idea 

1- Solve your problems

Look at the problems you face in your own life, think about how to solve them, then think about whether this might be the basis for business.

Here's one way to find ideas for building a project from your own experience. For a month, write down every time you have a problem that sounds ridiculous, makes your frustrating,  it's wasting your time, or your intuition tells you there's an easier way. If you've solved one of these problems yourself, you may have invented your next career.

2- Focus on your skills, experience and passion


It is also important that the idea of a business fits with your skills, experience and background as much as you can, or that you don't mind learning about it without difficulty.Taking advantage of your skills and experience may increase your chances of success.

When you realize that the idea of a project is good enough, fits your skills and experience, that you are passionate about it and that there are customers willing to pay for a product or service idea, you must remember that the idea is just the first step in a long and hard way of implementation and work, and that you have to start immediately Without further delay. 

3- Make sure that your product or service has a frequent purchase.

This is one of the most important aspects of long-term business success. You must have a product or service that people will continue to buy. In my opinion, it is better and more profitable to have a pool cleaning company than a ponl construction company. In other words, the employer must focus on acquiring a one-time client, but ensure that they make a profit from that person for too long.

4- understand the risks.

Of course, there will always be a level of risk in any new business. Calculating, understanding and planning risks is an important step to take before you start your business. This means assessing industry risk before moving forward with the business plan.

Jeff Somers, president of Insureon, said: "Entrepreneurs must know the risks of their industry before buying business insurance."

Although there are inherent risks in any industry you may enter, there are also enormous personal risks that come with starting a business. Once you have determined how your business is affected by the risks, consider how to get new funding once you start implementing your project

5- be passionate about the idea:

Experts in the business world believe that the more you are passionate about the idea of your business, the more success and money you have, for example, Jobs believed in the power of passion.He once said: “People with passion can change the world for the better,”

It is not enough to hear about a project idea, or to be the only option for you to put it into practice and achieve the desired success. Gives you more support, perseverance and discipline to succeed, resilience and patience in the face of obstacles and challenges.


In the world where technology designed our lives, most companies become heading towards hiring remotely to shortcut the distance, saving the cost and the time as well. Where the idea of working each day from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. is a thing of the past.  So most interviews become conducted via the internet by using Skype or any other tools. In this article, we will discuss how to pass the online interviews by giving some tips that help you in your career.

Advice how to pass the online interviews successfully:

  1. The mission of making a research about the company you will make an interview with isn’t limited to the actual interviews but to all kind of them. So the first thing you have to do is to make a detailed examination of the company from company news, their employees, their customers and others.
  2. Determine the best hardware to use if you have multiple devices (such as a smartphone, computer or tablet). Choose the one you feel comfortable with and the one with the most reliable technology.
  3. Make sure of the date and time of the interview, what is the most thing you have to focus on and who is the interviewer in order to be ready for everything.
  4. Test all the technology, test your connection, test your camera, test your sound. Make sure you understand how it all works and you have tested all of them right before the interview.
  5. To be more confident with yourself, make a fake interview with your friend. This will make you more confident when you make the real one.
  6. If you could to know the name of the interviewer, you should make some research about him/her and it prefers to research via LinkedIn and send for him/her a message before the interviewing to tell him/her that you looking forward to speaking to him/her.
  7. Select the proper location for the interview. Where the ideal location for the interviews is the secluded room that can shut out the distraction and noises with well light and white background.
  8. Look directly at the camera. You might be tempted to look at the monitor or yourself. You have to focus on making eye contact with the interviewer via the camera.  
  9. Finally, prepare yourself by wearing comfortable outfit and professional at the same time. Because it gives the interviewer an impression that you are professional. 

With these steps you will be sure that you make a successful online interview!

 Your resume considers as an opportunity to tell your story to the companies - who you are and what you do - so your story must be attractive to get the operator attention, raises his curiosity then, invites you to the interview. where the resume is a key to make the client likes in what you do. 

In this article, we'll show you 5 key points how to write a successful and attractive resume to win the interview.

1. Do not be Generic:

The templates and formatting become very traditional. What makes your resume look weak is not being original. You do not write it with your mind or heart. where using a ready-made template from the Internet and using repetitive words will kill attention. You have to diversify the use of words, find other adjectives and synonyms to express the importance of your skills. You should not use a single CV for each job. Each job has its own qualifications and standards that differ from others. You have to adapt yourself accordingly. Highlight your achievements and skills under the job Let them see the value you have.

2. Write an overview of yourself:

Writing a brief biography at the beginning of a resume makes the operator look at it, and determines whether he will complete the reading or ignore your resume. So you should write a summary of what your resume contains at the beginning, and you should take these points into your consideration:

• Write your experiences, achievements and ambitions in the field of work.

• Express how you want to be part of the company, and that it is the place that meets your ambitions and makes you creative.

• Express your goals and your desire to develop your skills.

3.  Do not exceed two pages:

Try to write a CV that does not exceed two pages, even if your practical experience and academic degrees need more. Be concise and valuable. Highlight the most important points in each practical experience so that it does not exceed three lines. Always remember that there are hundreds of CVs submitted for the same job.

4. Attach recommendation letter:

It is better to attach recommendation letter with your resume from people who have worked with you before. Contact your former manager or even your colleagues and ask them to write a testimonial and enclose it in your curriculum vitae. The letters should not be exaggerated, just describe the extent of your work experience and how you deal with colleagues at work.

5. Promote yourself

What the operator wants to see or pay attention to is your achievements and successes you have achieved during your previous work, so you must describe them clearly and easy to understand and reach the meaning as required. People often want to know the value you have and how this value can contribute to the company's work. Every person who works in the company has a value that does not exist in others, each person has his own contributions, recommendations, qualifications and many more, so let people know them.


Because of the developement of the technology that we witness at this time, we are mainly becoming dependent on the internet and computer to accomplish all of our work and tasks. Moreover, companies are moving to work remotely and this type of work is developing faster! For example, In the United State, there are 14 million people work through the internet, which is called freelancing, and it’s expected that one third of the employees in the world will work through the internet in 2020! Yes, you have to believe that.

Most of the companies which believe in work remotely idea have acquired high-caliber employees from all around the world with appropriate wages. They also save the infrastructure expenses, and got more productive workers. Companies need to be aware of the rapid changes in the world and adapt to these changes! Where the concepts of employment remotely is developing day by day. There are also a lot of platforms that connect the freelancers with clients who want to move toward this kind of employment (such as the dubailaners, and others). But how do you know that your company is ready for this direction? Here are the top 5 things to know:


1 - There are tasks in your company can be implemented remotely

Most of the works in the companies that are moving towards employment remotely can be done online. So you have to ask yourself first, is it possible to accomplish all the required tasks remotely through the Internet? Do your employees or most of them sit for hours on the computer?

If your team already uses technology in completing their tasks and can collaborate together by using the telecommuting tools, communication software and information exchange tools, which means that they can accomplish tasks from anywhere  by using the Internet, it also means that your company is able to handle this type of work!

2. Your employees want to work remotely:

Remote work has become highly appreciated by employees, where the World Leadership Summit in London conducted a survey to 600 CEO, businessmen and academics, the survey indicates that 34% said that more than 50% of the full-time workforce would go to work remotely After 2020, and 25% of them said that three-quarters of the employees will not work in traditional offices. Most of the labor force has become go to work remotely because it has many advantages such as flexibility in working hours, place, and other positive aspects.

3- Difficulty finding competencies:

The presence of your company in a particular location limits the ability to find high qualified and skilled people. and if you want to attract workers from different countries to work in your company, it will be difficult and  will costs you a lot of money, especially if your company is small and with a limited budget. However, the work remotely allows the companies to find high qualified people and expertise from around the world and bringing them to their team with lower costs and effort.


4- Benefits of working remotely:

The Advantages of the remote work is various, here are some:

1. Remote staff are happier and more satisfaction than other. 82% of remote employees said that their fatigue and stress levels have decreased and their morale has raised.

2. Reduce expenses for office furnishing, invoices, insurance and other matters.

3. People who work remotely are more productive than the staff work in offices.

There are countless benefits, such as the possibility of attracting high-level competencies from all over the world without constraining geographical boundaries, freedom and flexibility in work.


Finally, if you see that work remotely is right for your company, first, you have to transform to it gradually, and identify tasks that can be done better if you hire a person remotely, so you can measure the results without losing productivity.


Work remotely is one of the modern trends that have become the scene of the global labor market. Because the technology has captured the commercial landscape, many of the large companies and startups become depended on remote team as an effective tool of enhancing their productivity. The idea of establishing and managing a group of people, geographically distributed to a number of countries, is a frightening idea. Undoubtedly, Managers are faced great challenges in managing these teams because lead a geographically dispersed team is unlike managing a team at traditional offices! But the benefits that the business owners get from it far outweighs those potential difficulties.

If you have your own company and think of establishing a remote team, and you are worrying about its management and leadership towards achieving the company's goals, make sure that the key is to have a group of people who believe in your idea, passionate about work and have full commitment and ability to harmonize between them, then all other fears will be secondary.

  Here are some secrets and keys that will help you manage a remote team:

Put a clear plan:

“A goal without a plan is just a wish” Antoine de Saint-Exupery

As an entrepreneur you must realize that planning is always at the top of any manager's agenda and is a cornerstone of any small business. It is said that the people who do not plan are actually planning to fail. This is absolutely true if you do not have a plan to manage your remote team , you will enter in the endless mess of wrong actions and decisions! The action plan is the roadmap to your success, some entrepreneurs are hiring someone to write a business plan and this is wrong! It's your job, if you don't know how to write your business plan, you will not know how to manage it, if you don’t have time to write a business plan, you will not have time to run your business! To write a business plan to manage a remote distributed team you need a few things:

  • Define your goals from the process of hiring a remote distributed team.
  • What skills does your company need?
  • How many freelancer will you hire?
  • How and when will you communicate with them?
  • Will you lead the team yourself or will you delegate another person to it?
  • What budget will you keep for the entire team and for each freelancer?

In addition to answering those questions that will make your business plan more clarity, you should put a weekly and monthly plan to manage your team, and this plan needs to be reviewed regularly to make sure  that things are going well.

Choose the appropriate team:

Choosing the right team is one of the most important secrets of your success in managing a remote team. If you fail to choose a team, you will inevitably fail in managing it. Building a team from scratch is not easy, but the free platforms offer entrepreneurs great opportunities to connect, and deal with hundreds of freelancers in the Arab world. It also allows you to choose the best skilled freelancers. Choose your team members by assigning small initial projects to the freelancers so you can communicate with them closely. You have to consider a lot of things while choosing team members, like choose the people who provide High-quality work, delivers the tasks on time, flexible, able to collaborate with their mates in the team, ready to communicate with you, and most importantly, ready to work remotely.

If you find out that your tasks are increasing, choose the most efficient member in the group, delegate to him the task of supervising the team, and provide you with daily reports on the progress of the work. Delegating the supervision to someone does not mean that you step down from the follow-up and management team, the supervisor will relieve you of some of the burden only, but he will not be the manager.

You must have the communication skills

Employing a remote team does not mean that you wouldn’t have to communicate with them. Conversely, one of the strongest reasons for the success of telecommuting teams is to open up a qualitative and effective communication space with the team. Effective communication enhances the trust between you and your team, as well as training, developing and motivating them. In order to succeed, you must open a line of communication with each one as individual to guide, alert him, and correct his individual mistakes at work without embarrassing him in front of his colleagues, and another collective communication line for all members of the team where they can all get the information, instructions and guidance at the same time. There are a lot of applications that will make it easier for you to communicate with the your team, distribute tasks, post information and the latest news, and make video chat conversations like skype, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, and other important file sharing applications like: Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and many other important team management applications such as TRELO, which helps business owners manage their projects, their remote teams ... and many more.

To harvest the benefits of effective communication with your remote team , you should:

  • Organize a specific working time for people work in different time zones.
  • Arrange periodic video meetings, because it conveys what the written speech or voice recording cannot convey.
  • Be a role model for your team by being committed to constant communication and effective attendance at meetings.
  • Encourage your team members to give you constant nourishment, engage in discussions and bring new ideas.
  • Practice conflict management skills, which are likely to occur between team members during work or meetings, and be critical in imposing your authority on the team.

It will be very useful for your business to meet your remote distributor teammates, face to face once a year at least to enhance confidence between you and your team.

Distribute tasks clearly

Clarifying roles and responsibilities enhance the system and culture of the company among your team. Where the unclear instructions or poor communication create many problems, so you have to clarify the role and responsibilities of each member so that everyone will has a full picture of the role they will play in the team.

Remember that mixing roles hurts the company, and overlapping tasks creates chaos among the team. The content writer should focus on research and content quality instead of adding the task of coordinating social networks to its responsibilities. The designer will do a better job in his field without adding editing task or other tasks.

When you start working with a remote team , you must set up a list of tasks for each one, Make sure to not give him an over load of work, which will either make him give a less quality work or withdraw from your team. This will force you to start the journey again in searching for another freelancer with the same efficiency. You do not need to manage the team and motivate them to be more effective only.  But also need to keep them to work with you in the long term.



company culture - good or bad - is the backbone of any company. It  lives in the daily interactions of team members and affect their behavior. But how do you create a strong corporate culture for remote working team?

I think teleworkers can be as productive, engaged, creative and helpful as any team in the office. You can build a strong culture with a remote team, but it just requires you to plan and use new techniques and a lot of communication.

In this article we have detailed the main components of the company culture so that we can discuss how you can build each component with a remote team:

  • Communication

It is easy for remote workers to feel isolated, so communication is the key. Here are the top 4 strategies you can use:

1. Know the technological tools you prefer to use

You can, for example, use Skype channels, where each team member has a channel on it. Create a group work for the company. You can create different groups. For example, a group for entertainment and a group to communicate about work and to sign in and greet. You can also use to share the latest team member news, birthday announcements and company news.

2. Virtual leadership

  You may not be able to lead the team on the ground, but you can in the virtual world. Try to always greet the team members every morning and let the team know if you are available, traveling, have a meeting or heading to the project. This encourages the rest of the team members to do the same.

3. Encouraging feedback:

  Make an anonymous feedback form, and respond to these comments - either by making a change or by explaining why you didn't respond. This helps to ensure the productivity and satisfaction of employees.

  • Building a community

The sense of community is the glue that brings a team to work for something bigger than themselves. You can do this in two ways:

  • Building a virtual community. 

having an all-member Skype huddle every week via chat is an opportunity to meet new members of the team and give statements, share company news, talk about work  and open other topics outside the scope of work such as vacations and so on.

  • Building personal relationships.

 A one-on-one meeting a year helps you build real relationships that can be maintained remotely.

  • Narrative

History of the company is an essential part of any company culture. What challenges have you overcome to get to your place today? These challenges can become company myths that are transferred from seasoned team members to new members, creating a sense of kinship that no logos can create. How can you do this?

Tell your story.

Talk over and over how you started and how you got to where you are today - and that really helps.

  • Value

While the vision determines where the company goes, values are the signs that guide employees on how to get there. You must do this by:

 Talk about your values.

 Identify your company's core values and make sure they are a true guide for you and your team. Then let everyone know about them. Share with team members. Talk about them in the annual reviews and in the new recruitment guidance. Use hashtags that represent our core values - such as #ClientFirst and # ContinuousImprovement - in chat conversations. Ultimately, values work only when leaders live and present them.


Ultimately building a large corporate culture is difficult, and it is always a work in progress. But with a lot of intentions and a lot of hard work, a company with a remote workforce can build a strong and positive culture that fosters teamwork, productivity and innovation.


There are many people who think that remote work and self-employment are the same! But this is not true. A full-time remote job means that you are an employee of a company or organization but are not obliged to actually attend the office. Other terms used to describe this type of job are telework, virtual jobs, or work from home. It can be a permanent job or a contract. On the other hand, freelance jobs refer to working with other people without any recruitment obligations. Terminology is based on working on a project and ends with the end of the task. With this brief definition of two types of functions, which one is right for you? You will decide. When you know the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

Advantages and disadvantages of remote work  and freelance: 

Advantages of full-time remote work:

  • There is no commuting, so you save on bus fare or gas for your car.

  • There are no fixed hours

  • You can work from anywhere you want

  • Suit with modern technology

Disadvantages of Remote full-time job:

  • You have no co-workers to interact  and communicate with 

  • You can easily get distracted by other things - this can happen when family members are not cooperative and don’t respect your schedule.

  • This work depends entirely on technology.

  • Any malfunction of your computer or the Internet may cause you problems at work.

  • You must constantly motivate yourself so that you do not fall prey of routine and get bored.

Advantages of self-employment:

  • You can create a work schedule that suits you.

  • You have the freedom to choose your customers and choose the type of projects you wish to undertake.

  • There is no administrator for you to determine what tasks you have to do.

  • You can work anywhere if the  internet is available.

  • You are not bound by labor agreements that bind employees to full-time employment.

  • You can work for more than one client without breaching contractual arrangements.

  • In most cases there is no profit sharing, you can keep all the money you worked on to yourself.

Disadvantages of self-employment:

  • Work availability can be erratic with seasons of too much and risk of burnout to times of no jobs and the fear of not meeting your financial obligations.

  • Fear of non-fulfillment of financial obligations.

  • You should look for customers and convince them to work with you.

  • You have to play many roles such as marketing, selling, management, task execution and coordination.

  • Possible failure to separate your work from your private life.

After reading this brief description of both freelance and full-time employment remotely, which one is right for you? Consider everything including your circumstances and personality and it will be easier to determine. And don't forget to share with us in the comments. 


You have become a freelancer for some reason: to have a freedom to work whenever you want or to build your own business from scratch. And other reasons. As a freelancer, your survival in the free market depends heavily on your ability to market yourself—to rise above the others.

Reflecting on the number of ways you market yourself, can you remember the last time your online freelance profile was the key to winning the job? If you do not remember, may be it's time to put efforts on your freelance profile. why? Statistics show that by 2020, the number of full-time and part-time freelancers in the United States alone will be 50% of America's total labor force, witch means the competition will become more fierce. So your profile can be the separetor between finding a lot of new business - or losing any job opportunity.

start creating a strong and compelling profile. As you know that content has a great impact on getting jobs, focus on creating content that attracts new business and makes you brilliant among your competitors in freelance. In this article, we will provide you with the most important 6 steps to create a strong and attractive profile for any freelancer.

Step 1: Write a clear, concise and attractive headline

Your headline should get straight to the point. We recommend to keep it only one line, and do not use many terms, you will have the opportunity to write about yourself in details under the headline. There are three basic things that must be included in the tariff profile:
1- Your services
2- Years of experience
3- Your specialty

With these three key elements, you will be able to transfer your basic qualifications and experience - which often helps you to overcome the first phase of the recruitment process.

Step 2: Share your qualifications and experience

Regardless of value, people mostly interested in learning about your background and experience in your profession. Make your freelance profile comprehensive and include all qualifications, technical skills and years of experience in the field in which you operate. Prove that you are qualified, confident and enthusiastic to take his project. If you hit all the checkpoint, you'll be added to the shortlist - the closest step to win the job.

Step 3: Explain the value you will achieve

Instead of explaining "what you do'", focus on "how to make it". How were you able to boost to increase your client's sales by 111%? How do you transform a cubicle-shaped office into a dream workplace?
People usually focus more on your ability to solve the problem and achieve results rather than focusing on the exact details of what you do.

Step 4: Be passionate

passion and enthusiasm is a great valuable for the clients. why? You should be able to give your customers what they want and the value they want. What's more, you must come from a clever person. Show your passion and enthusiasm directly on your personal profile to help you be at the forefront of your competition. It shows that you are really interested and better yet, it shows the customer that you are human.
As you write your profile, write to your target customer, speak their language, call his pain points and write how you can help him fix it! Remember, a little empathy saves you a lot!

Step 5: Make it easy for people to reach and contact you.

Make it easy for potential customers to discover how to reach and contact you and start a conversation. The easier you communicate, the more reliable you are. Finally, reliability is one of the most important factors for clients to employ freelancers. They put their vision and tasks in your hands. If you have a freelance profile, you need to communicate within the platform system, so that you must not include external contact information to avoid getting penalized or banned from the site. Where a freelance platform was created to deal and communicate effectively with customers.

Step 6: Upload a professional photo

What really bothers customers is to develop a non-professional image, the professional image is an essential part of first impressions. If you can, invest in taking high-quality photos. If this is not possible, all you need to do is take the right position and make your friend pick up some pictures using a high-quality camera. Remember, you do not have to stick to the passport photo base without a smile. You are basically trying to win customers, look for warmth and affection.

Step 7: Create an update plan

your freelance profile is not a source of ownership and forgetfulness. It actually requires you to update periodically. Just as you update your resume as you gain more experience or get another degree, you also need to update your online profile. So, visit your profile every few months to update your data or paraphrase some terms.

For freelancers, your digital profile is your resume. If you want to get paid, you must have a separate profile. This is what makes the first impression, gets you on the interview and makes you stand out from the competitors.

Tell us, what can you add to your personal profile on the Platforms to make it stronger? Do you have any other tips you'd like to add to the list to help other freelancers colleagues? We would like to read your thoughts in the comments below!
Time management is a challenge for all of us, but this challenge is more difficult for freelancers because they face a unique set of issues when it comes to get the most benefit of time and organizing it. They are not only trying to manage the projects they are working on, but also communicating and dealing for long hours with many customers and trying to find new customers at the same time. Here are some guidelines and tips for managing your time as a freelancer that you should consider to get an organized and comfortable life.

- Start early:

Freelance can mean just one thing which is (waking up whenever you want!) But in fact, this is a mistake! Waking up in the afternoons every day of your freelance career will lead you to the way to failure. If you're working on managing your time better, try waking up early and doing business early in the day. If you can accomplish a lot of work before noon, this will put you in a good position, you will have enough time to do other things you want. 

- Eliminate distractions

While you work, turn off the TV, stay away from social media, don't answer your text messages, and other things. Basically, anything unrelated to work should not be used during your working hours. You will have enough time to make a call or reply to a message, but try to reduce the use of these things as much as possible.

- Take a break:

Sometimes you better split your work. Like working for an hour and then taking a break for 15 minutes, then working for another hour, take a 10 minute break.  Taking commas helps to clear your mind and recharge it with energy. Doing the work for a very long time results in mood irritation, lack of concentration and fatigue and therefore leads to low productivity and inefficient work.

- Set a schedule that suits you.

 it's advisable to consider your freelance career as a regular job. But set your own schedule and stick to it, work and take a lunch break for example, and then go back to work and so on every day. Assign you a certain time to work, and try to keep these hours consistent. Some freelancers choose not to work during the day and work in the evening.  There is no problem as long as you are committed to a specific schedule of work.

- Say no

 Finally, the most important skill that any worker person, whether working for a company or a freelancer, must have the ability to draw a clear line. Don't be afraid to say no to a job or task that is not in your duties or you do not have enough time to complete it. Or when you negotiate a price you don't like or anything that you're not satisfied with. 
One of the greatest benefits in a freelance lifestyle is that no one can tell you what to do – at least not as the same way that the manager can say to an employee. Don't forget you're your own boss.

Successful freelancers have a complete, accurate profile that clarify their services, skills, and accomplishments. So your profile is an opportunity to market your services to potential clients.  If you’d like to be a successful freelancer, you have to make your profile  A 100% complete. 

To get started on dubailancers: 

The first thing you need to know is that you can be a freelancer and client in the same profile on dubailancers as you see below

As a freelancer, you are looking for work then, the correct profile will be Freelancer, so click on  “As Freelancer” button to complete your profile

Here are the steps you will follow in order to complete your profile on

1. List Your Skills

List maximum five skills that enable you to do your job. These skills should be the most important and most relevant skills for your job category and the jobs you will apply for. Make sure you order them by proficiency. 

2. Add Your Slogan

This section is one of the most important parts of your profile.

It is essential to realize that this is the first real description of yourself that clients will see, so you want to catch their eye right away. This small line will play a big role in determining whether a client continues looking at your profile and hopefully hire you for the job or just ignore you.

When writing your Slogan, remember these three things:

  • Be simple and concise: Use direct words to create a professional title that describes your skills.

  • Be specific: Remember competition is high, so you have to be very precise on what niche you want to work in, and avoid following the trades as this will narrow your chances of getting hired.

  • Use keywords: Use key words that both describe your skills and that a potential client might use to search for someone with your skills.

3. Add a Profile Photo 

When choosing a profile photo, search for a professional and friendly photo. This should be a high- resolution headshot. A high quality profile picture is important because it gives clients a sense of who you are. 

Your profile picture is the first thing that represents you so ensure it transfer friendliness and professionalism. When taking a profile photo, look straight in the camera and smile. Remember, use your real photo. Do not use cat photos or Google images. If you are looking for inspiration, this photo here is the best example of a quality profile picture, just make sure it is you!

4. Add an Introduction Video

On dubailancers, you have the option to add an introduction video on your profile. But we encourage you to make one, it will:

  • Makes your profile stand out and increases your chances of getting noticed by clients.

  • be a good chance to show a compelling look at who you are and what you offer.

Your video should be about a minute not more than that. Just introduce yourself, give a brief overview of the type of your work, describe your skills, experience, and past employment. End by thanking the viewers for their interest, express your wish to work with them and don’t forget to invite them to look at your profile.

5. Add Your Overview

This section is your chance to tell potential clients a bit more about yourself. You get to market yourself in a few more words. Express the unique skills that you possess that will be of value to your clients in a professional and concise way. Focus on your niche-specific skills.

When creating your overview, put these things in your mind:

  1. Start with the most important information first.

  2. Type of work you want to do

  3. Write the years of experience you hold.

  4. Your proficiency with systems and industry-relevant software.

  5. Accomplishments you’re proud of.

  6. Languages you speak and are proficient working in.

6. Add Your work experience

To improve your profile and credibility, list your work experience as a way to showcase your experience, past projects, and qualifications. In this section, list your previous work experience focusing only on projects that relate to the type of job you want.

Use bullet points to highlight achievements and specific expertise.  Make sure that you add a brief description of your responsibilities and examples of projects you accomplished in each position listed.

7. Add Your Education

To further validate your credentials, let clients know more about your educational background. List the institution name and your degree(s) in chronological order with the most recent degree at the top. Education background is important even if what you studied is not related to what you are currently doing.

If you do not have a formal education, it’s not a big deal. Just add all informal and self-taught education in the “Other Experiences” section.

When listing your education be simple and specific. If you gain new qualifications make sure you update your profile routinely to help you get more jobs in the future.

8. Set your Hourly Rate

The penultimate step when creating your dubailancers’ profile is to set your hourly rate. This is probably the most confusing bit of the profile because people tend to feel shy about what they think they are worth, while some just overdo it. While there is no right hourly rate, ensure that your starting rate matches your experience and skills. You could also take a look at what other freelancers in your chosen categories are charging and pick a rate that is competitive with theirs.

9. Connect Your Social Accounts

This section is optional,  you will be asked to address your social account like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin.  but remember that linking your profile with your social account will establish your presence and will make it easy for dubailancers to match you to relevant jobs that match your skills and experience.

Linking your account also will help you build a great reputation and identity. This, in turn, will increase your Reliability in the eyes of clients because they can see that you are active on social media not only on dubailancers! 









Freelancing provides a lot of freedom and flexibility that an ordinary office job cannot provide. Since the freelancer often chooses the type of work he wants to do, who wants to work with, what time of day, for what period of time, and where you want to work, you are able to make choices that fit your individual strengths and needs
As a freelancer, you no longer work to satisfy a corporate culture or work schedule that may put you under physical, mental and emotional pressure. This flexibility has many benefits. There are seven surprising advantages you may not have realized.

Advantages of freelancing work:

1. You can control your workload

One of the best advantages of freelance is that you will control the workload. If you have too many customers and can not process the pressure, you can drop it. As it turns out, controlling your workload is better for your health. Research from Kansas State University found that employees who work more than 50 hours a week suffer from a lack of mental and physical health. A study by European researchers also found that working 10 hours or more per day may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, including heart attack, by 60%

2. You can have as many rest and sleep periods as you want

Good sleep has great benefits for your overall health. Research has shown that taking small breaks for 15 to 20 minutes can maintain focus and maintain high energy levels throughout the day. Although some companies and universities have adopted this practice and have set up nap halls for their employees and students, most office workers do not enjoy this luxury. Most of them are lucky to have a 10-minute break and an hour for lunch in one day. As a freelancer, whenever you need a break, you can get one. You can take a nap whenever you want.

3. You can control your working relationships

When you become a freelancer, it is up to you how much you want to communicate with customers and colleagues throughout the day. Many freelancers have a policy of not checking their email more than 2 or 3 times a day to help them follow the path. As it turns out, drawing these lines is beneficial for your health. A study from the University of British Columbia found that the more you check your e-mail, the less stress you can reduce.
In many office environments, e-mail is the main form of communication. Ignoring your email is like ignoring your boss. As a freelance entrepreneur, you can create your own policy to check your email to reduce stress and reap benefits.

4. You can exercise at optimum times

It may be difficult to keep the exercise schedule with a daily function because you must press it either before or after work. When you work as a freelancer,  you can exercise whenever it suits you, even in the middle of the day. It has been shown that aerobic exercise in the afternoon comes with many benefits: your lungs perform better, your physical performance is usually at its highest, your muscles are at its peak, and your injury risk is at its lowest.

5. You are your own boss

If you are a freelancer and have a client suffering from real pain, you can always drop the person. Freelancers are basically their bosses, and they can avoid all the stress resulting from working for a difficult person. Working with a bad boss can have a number of negative effects, such as depression, sleep problems, high blood pressure, and weight issues. Chronic stress from a bad coach can also increase the risk of heart disease

There are many people who become prefer to work as a freelancer (from home) since it enjoys many benefits such as flexibility in working hours, lack of adherence in one place to work and many other advantages. However, this path is not so easy especially for the beginner freelancers who face many difficulties at the beginning of their journey towards freelancing. Don’t despair if you encounter difficulties at first, all you have to do is understand clearly these problems and try to cure them so that you can reach your goal. In this article, we will discuss some of the problems you can face as a beginner freelancer and the best way to overcome them to make it more easier and more effective

Some problems faced the beginner freelancer and the ways you can overcome them:

The difficulty of getting the first client:

The main dilemma that most the freelancers are facing is the difficulty of getting the first client to work with. Where there are many freelancers with high skills and qualification that qualify them to work, but they don’t know how to win their first client’s trust, and how they can market themselves and offer their services efficiently to the customer. And there are many of wonders that roam in their head. The more the questions increased the more they get pressure and their hopes of getting the first job and lunching to the freelancing world will be broken.

Here’s the solution:

The main reason of this problem is that the beginner freelancers don’t have the basic knowledge about the personal marketing skills and the places on marketing that enables them to reach the first customer. Fortunately, this problem can be easily solved by showing all your skills, practical experience and your portfolio on diverse platforms as well as on social media. If you have skills you can offer to the clients, you can create an account on freelancing platform like Dubailancers, upwork, freelancer and many other platforms. Then start to submit project proposals, highlight all your strengths and skills you have and attach samples if needed.

Weak experience:

A problem of getting the first customer may be because of the lack of experience and competence that the beginner freelancer has, whether in the area where he or she works or lack of experience in how to deal with free work platforms in general. The main reason for this problem is that they have not done any project yet. The beginner does not know how to handle these platforms, and on the other hand, the client is seeking to obtain a competent freelancer to achieve their work quickly and effectively as required.

The solution:

The best solution to this problem is to refine the beginner experiences by learning more in their area of expertise, expanding their knowledge of how to handle freelancing platforms, and taking online courses in the field of freelance and how to start it.

There are many ways and educational sites that work to develop your skills, and learn more about freelancing sites such as “computer academy site”, which helps freelancers in general to increase their experience and skills by providing educational courses in the fields of self-employment such as marketing, design, programming, translation, content writing and more. It also provides you with many articles on how to handle the platforms, how to attract the client and earn more money.

The problem of Determining price :

One of the problems faced by new freelancer is the difficulty in determining the price. There are many freelancers offering their services at a very low price compared to the customary prices in the labor market. Of course, these prices attract some customers, but as we know that most of the customers are ignored such of these offers, as we usually put bad impressions on products with too low price.

The solution:

The worker should set a reasonable price for services they offer, such as those in the market, rather than exaggerate or dilute their service price. The worker must bear in mind that customers are attracted primarily to the quality of work, not the prices, so the freelance will put the cheapest price possible, giving the impression that the quality of your services will be below the required level.

An important aspect that the freelancer face when he/she determine the price is when a client post a project and asks the freelancer to set the fixed price. He becomes confused, as it is difficult for him to determine the appropriate price for his ignorance of the factors by which the price is determined.

The solution of this problem is to be aware with all the factors that determine the price, which vary from one project to another, but mostly it is: knowledge of the quality of the project, the number of hours required to complete the work, and the requirements of the project. After studying these factors, then determine the appropriate price, and when you get more experience you will be able to determine automatically.

Social isolation:

Despite the advantages of freelancing for the rest of the business, there are some disadvantages. In most cases, the home becomes the working environment of the freelancer, where he carries out all his work from home. The problem is not the work inside the house, but the social isolation that the beginner freelancer can face proving their worth. In order to earn a good profit and gain more clients, the freelancer has to spend more time working from home. Socializing with family and friends and not spending time for himself. The freelancer does not have to work all day, they have to take breaks, vacations and time spent with friends and family.

The solution to this problem lies in the time management, each freelancer must organize his time, determine his daily hours of work and also specify some time for social communication. The lack of fixed working time wastes your time, so you need to set your work hours and social networking hours.

Dispersion and Mood:

All humans suffer from the problem of dispersion, but it becomes worse for the freelancer. I explained that there are many reasons that lead to dispersion during work. Freelancers always search for new projects all the time, so when the freelance works on a project and then takes another project, he becomes distracted between two tasks.

Solving this problem can be also by managing the task times, set up a list of tasks to accomplish and the time of each task. You have to keep yourself in a good mood and look for your inspiration.


Have you heard about freelancing from people but you don't have the first idea about to get in on the action and start working on your own terms? This article will help you learn about how to work as a freelancer and show you the first steps for launching your freelance business. To start with, we will talk about what does it mean to be freelancer, how it works, how will you get paid and some other important stuff to get you started. 

Some information about freelancing field:

1-      Who is a freelancer?

A freelancer is a person who works a part or full time on the computer for different clients from different countries remotely. He works, sells product or service and gets paid. The of being a freelancer that you can sell your copyrights for people in return for money.  The selling can be your service, your product, your writing and translation work, your programming or your SEO service and many other things that can be done remotely.

2-      How it works?

The most important thing in the freelancing field is that your skills must be strong that enable you to get the client’s trust and the other things are very easy. There are multiple websites on the internet that work as an intermediate platform. Customers come, and post a job, received many proposals from a freelancer in all over the world, hire the best one, give brief on the requirements they have, freelancer starts working, deliver the work and get paid. In this way all the freelance platform work.

3-      Payment security.

Yes, the freelancing field is quite secure. The reason is that almost all websites give facility to clients and providers to allow a website to hold their payments. When a client hires a freelancer, he creates milestones of escrow; means gives payments to a freelancer website, and ask the provider to accept the project. Once the project offer is accepted, the payment status becomes “hold” and when the freelancer delivers the work, the client releases the payments to the provider and leaves feedback for other clients as well.

4-      Is it free to work?

Absolutely, all freelancing platform on the internet is free! You don’t have to pay a single penny for registering or bidding on the project. Once you get a project and accept it by click on the “accept” button; the freelance website will take their fee percentage which is about 10% or 20% of the total amount paid to the worker

5-      How can I take a start?

It’s quite simple, just go to any website, register as a free member, build your profile by writing an overview of yourself, select skills you have, and the other things. Then search for projects which suitable for your skills, bid on the projects. If you received any message from customers, communicate with them and convince the client with your skill. When a project is awarded and escrow of the payment is created, accept the project offer and start working. Once the work is done and delivered it to the customer, ask him to release the payment. After that, you can choose the payment method you want to take your money.  

All of us make mistakes at the beginning of our way to achieve our dream! Making mistakes is apart from our learning process to develop ourselves. So if you are new at the freelancing world; surly, there are some mistakes you do which prevent you to become a successful freelancer but you are unaware of it. For any freelancer, getting the first job is the first steps in freelancing, so there are some certain slandered and things have to be in your consideration to become a successful freelancer and encourages the customer to continue with you and recommend you to other customers.

1. Waiting for opportunity and limit the working hours of the day:

It's great when you have no boss to tell you what to do, but it also means that you have all responsibility for marketing your services, developing your skills, negotiating and supervising finances things, as well as prioritizing projects to meet the deadline. So working a few hours a day to be a successful freelancer, and waiting for the opportunity to come to you is even worst freelancing mistake. You seek, create your own opportunity and market for your skills. The first thing you need to do is market your services effectively. Think of yourself as an entrepreneur, you have a project and you want it to succeed by running and working to make it work. So your skills is your project, think about how you can reach your target customer.

2. Giving up_ the saddest freelancing mistakes:

Like any other work, it takes some time to become successful, not necessarily from a set number of hours, but with practice and experience. With practice comes improvement. Do not let doubts and fear of failure get you down and lose focus. Take notes from successful people, remember how you were at the beginning and appreciate the progress you have made, and continue. Remember that customers are ready to pay more for quality, and hire freelancers based on their past customer feedback, skills and online reputation.

3. Randomly search for clients: Accept any project:

Employing effective methods such as utilizing your personal network, word of mouth marketing and other methods is very important. But freelance experts and Celine Roque, one of the successful freelancer inform that the foundation of self-employment is identifying ideal clients for you. Where applying for every project available is one of the common mistakes among freelancers who end up being stuck doing something they do not like and working with people who consider them a mere commodity. So you need to develop a plan to identify the ideal customers for you, customers who respect you and align their work with your skills. In this way, you will keep your time and effort focused on specific types of customers and businesses.

4. Lack of communication with clients as; leaving things opaque:

We all know the meaning of the term "it goes without saying" which means that everything is clear, but in freelance world that has clients with different cultures and living in distant continents, there is nothing clear! Everything should be explained, preferably in writing everything in the proposals, deliveries and reports and in all processes that take place from the writing proposal until the deliver work and taking money. A study summarized that the common understanding of objectives between the freelancer and the client is the key of success. Do not assume that your goals will be clear to the customer, or you understand their goals, repeat them once again, rephrase them and emphasize that you understand each other. Build early contact lines by clarifying what the main goal of the project is, give all your details and best times to reach you. Respond to the messages immediately, taking into account the difference time between areas and cultural holidays.

5. Lack of commitment with the required guidelines:

The instructions and guideline that the client ask you are the most important things that you must adhere to in order to be a successful freelancer. Failure to comply with them means_ from the customer's point of view, that you are a non-professional person who cannot be trusted. You have to imagine the feeling of the client when giving the freelancer some instructions but he did not commit them? This inevitably indicates one of the two things, either that he is not serious to work as a freelancer, or that he lacks communication skills. And this is not desirable!

Remember, your mission is to make the customer be satisfied, so if you forget or ignore his instructions you will make things more complicated. Understand very well what the customer is asking you to do, write it on paper and paste it on your device so you do not forget. If there are things that are not clear to you, do not hesitate to ask the customer about them, you should pay attention to the details until you complete your task as required.

6. Non-delivery of work on deadline:

Trust is the basis of the relationship between the client and the freelancer! When the customer gives you a job, he or she is confident that you will provide quality work and that you will deliver the work on time.

So if you delay delivery of the job on time, this will shake your client's confidence. Instead of making it easier for the client, you are making a problem for him. It may seem to you that this is not dangerous, especially if you didn’t late too much, and the customer does not seem to be annoyed. But this is not an excuse, if you will be late for delivering the work, tell the client before the deadline and it must be for emergency reasons.

Let me tell you a simple rule. Always be prepared for emergencies. So if you think this job can be done in three days, give it five days. Give extra days to yourself, so this does not make you under pressure.

7. Making the mistake more than once:

It is not the problem of committing the mistake, all of us as human beings making mistakes in order to learn, so we should not repeat the mistake twice. As we have noted, the most important thing for a customer is to follow his instructions and apply them as well as deliver them on deadline. Your client may overlook from you for the first time, but do not condone the second time!

To avoid making mistakes twice, record all the mistakes you have made and paste them into something that is always with you like your computer so you do not fall back.

Personal Marketing skill is one of the most important skills that every freelancer should have, whatever his field of work is. This skill enables the freelancer to let the client know him and win more project! Where the task of finding new customers and marketing yourself as a freelancer can seem difficult for you, but it is not. All you have to do is to set a plan correctly and know what you want and work to achieve it.

In this post, we’ll talk about how to find new customers and market yourself effectively. I'll give you some marketing ideas which will help you find your first customer. If you're ready to build a stable customer base, you should continue reading!

Identify your target market:

The first step of finding customers, making your name known among them is to identify the market you want to target and know your audience associated with your goals. Then build your brand and promote it!

You can identify the market by the type of customers you want to work with or the type of work you enjoy most. If you do not know how to define your target market. Work in general with all markets as a start, looking for work in your area of expertise and skills and figure out what you like most, then work to narrow your own focus according to them. Remember, this mainly depends on the type of the client you want to work with or the type of work you prefer to do more than anything else.

Tell your personal story:

After you have identified the target market, the platforms you want to market yourself in. Now, you have to start telling your story as best as you can. Where your experiences and skills, courses you have obtained and your degrees are a major part of your personal story. You have to start your story with a powerful and interesting word. It also prefers to tell your story differently with each customer. Make your story strong and concise so that it is easy for the customer to read.

Create your own blog:

Creating a blog related to your business is one of the most important ways to gain customer trust and then hire you. In this way, you market yourself in a professional way that lets customers communicate with you as soon as they see your business through your own blog. You can start creating a blog via Google or WordPress blog.

Engage with other blogs as a host:

There are lots of sites that give space for guests to participate in the site, such as publishing their articles and writing an introductory profile about themselves under the article. Engage with these sites, publish your own writing and write about yourself. This helps you to reach out more and connect with customers who follow these pages. Be sure to write a profile about you, and how to communicate with you so that the customer can reach you easily.

Networking with as many freelancers as possible:

You'll find a lot of freelance groups on social networking sites, especially Facebook, join these pages and connect with freelancers who work in your domain. In this way, you will learn a lot from their experiences. Also, if they see that your skills are with high quality and can be trusted, they will give you a job or give your name to customers if they are busy and have a lot of work.

Attend activities and conferences:

Be sure to attend events and conferences where freelancers exist, this helps you to network with them and expand your circle of knowledge. Try to be active, friendly with others and confident in yourself. Learn how to market yourself with attractive phrases that catch the attention of the listener, and then intrigue him to know more about you and start asking you questions. Use the technique of "elevator pitch", which means tell a marketing phrase about you in case you encounter an important person between 20 to 60 seconds to attract his attention. Such as to identify yourself and your skills.

Finally, be honest with the client, do not be exaggerate and do not lie in order to win more projects. The most important trait that an independent person must have are honesty, and you must always seek and create opportunities, do not wait to come to you.


If you do not know where to start looking for the job you are dreaming of, take a step back and ask yourself these questions.


Finding your passion is not an easy thing! In fact, it takes your strength, effort and time to find what you really love. So you have to dig deep inside yourself, yes, sit with yourself and dig deep inside as much as possible until you reach the bottom in yourself to get the answers you need.

You are the only person who knows how to find his passion and what he wants to be, so you have to discover yourself from now and find your passion, otherwise life will miss you and will not achieve your dream!

These questions will help you find your passion, allow your mind to travel in every direction to answer them. It's time to start realizing your passion and living with it.

1. What are the things that make you very happy, and think they are valuable and meaningful to you?

2. What are the things make you stressed and frustration and feel that you are wasting your time?

3. What are your childhood dreams that you have not been able to fully explore but are still arousing your interest?

4. If you are a financially secure, how will you spend your time?

5- If people remember you when mentioning three things, what will be?

6. Who are the people you want to become like them? Who are your favorite teachers? Who inspired you? And why?

7. When was the last time you worked on something difficult and spent much time on it? What was the type of work? Why did you accomplish it despite its difficulty?

8. When was the last time you worked hard and longtime but you were enjoying and forgot the time while you work?

9. What are the obstacles that make you unable to succeed in making your passion to be a part of your life?

10. What would you do if you knew you would not fail ever?

11- Are there people who frustrate you in finding your passion and achieving success? Who are they and how did you know they were blocking you?

12 - What interests or hobbies you had a few years ago?

13. How does your ideal day look like? Describe it in details from morning until bedtime.

14- What are the positions where you find yourself arguing or defending with others?

15. What are the thinge you wnat to help people with?

16- What is the favorite section you usually visit when you go to the library?

17_ What kind of work you would do voluntarily?

18_ What is the fingerprint you want to leave in the world? What are the things you want people to remember about you?

19_ What are the things that intrigue you?

20_ If you can start over again with your life and career, what would you do differently?

21_ If you feel you know what you are passionate about in your life, will you take any action to learn more and get experience in it?


If you invest your time, yourself and your future, and answer all these questions honestly, you will definitely have a clear vision of what you are passionate about in life. Then, the second step is the most exciting step for me, which is quest to meet and satisfy your passion. Promise yourself that you will work hard to achieve your goal.


You can not make a distinctive and influential brand for yourself overnight, you have to develop an effective marketing plan if you want to make an great brand for yourself and your career.

Some job seekers are building a brand for themselves and they making a plan to help them become noticed by the operators. If you want to make a good marketing plan, first, you have to do a SWOT analysis, which is about identifying strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats you have to help you build an integrated marketing plan to market yourself effectively and then, build a personal brand for yourself and get many projects.

If you are wondering how I can make an effective marketing plan for myself, this article will help you answer your question. Just follow the five steps and start to build a strong strategy to achieve your goals.

1. Identify the area you want to work in:

It is very important to specify the area you want to work in. If you are a translator, for instance, specify the area in translation, like legal translation,  medical,  political, and so on. This will help you build a strong personal mark for yourself that you are a specialist in a specific field, so the will clients trust you more. To know exactly how to define your field, ask yourself two important questions: 1. Who am I? What do I need to do to achieve my professional goals? These are fundamental questions to answer before you begin looking for a job.

If you want maximize your job search and your brand, the induction mission statement should include the goals that trigger your competitive advantage as a job seeker, including qualifications that you think will distinguish you from others.

2. Explain your strengths and weaknesses:

  ِAs I mentioned above, analyze your strengths and weaknesses is very significant. It is one of the fundamentals of the marketing plan because it will help you to find opportunities that suit your needs, areas that you want to improve yourself, and benefit from the experiences of your competitors.

To know your strengths and weaknesses, take a look at your experiences, your technical skills, life and personality skills. Think of the skills that can help you in personal marketing. Then analyze your weaknesses to improve yourself. Identify the skills you need to develop and the things you need to change. By doing this, it will help you to know your competitive advantage and improve it as a professional.

3. Identify opportunities that suit your career needs:

After you have identified your strengths and weaknesses, it is time to identify opportunities that you have as a job seeker. You must already have an idea of the type of job you need and its characteristics, which will make it easier for you to find opportunities.

When determining the opportunities that suit your needs, limit the work environment you find you will excel, the type of industry you will enjoy with and the culture that suits you. By doing this, you will be able to narrow your search for work and improve your chances of communicating with professionals who can help you develop your career.

4. Promote your brand:

Once you know your personal goals for your marketing plan, you will be able to start promoting your personal brand. With the opportunities you need, you'll be able to gain more leverage for your brand. When doing self-promotion, it's important to connect with people from the same area of your work and share the relevant content that people find on your network value. You will be able to promote yourself to employers and get a job in the field you want and in the companies you want to work with.

5. Evaluate your performance in job search:

The final step in building a marketing plan is how successful your plan is in job search. You can evaluate your performance through the number of contacts, interviews you've made on social networks or even the work offers you've received. It is important to evaluate yourself as a professional, to know what mistakes have come about and how to develop them more. If you can not make any contact with companies, this is a sign that your goals should be re-evaluated. If you find that you have achieved success, so you are on track with your personal marketing plan.

Building a personal marketing plan is a great way to help you define yourself and set your goals, build your own strong professional network and identify the jobs that suit you. By focusing on your goals you will be able to put yourself in a distinct position and distinguish yourself from other competitors in the labor market.

Have you tried to develop a marketing plan for yourself? How did you help promote yourself as a professional?

Most new freelancers suffer from how to write an attractive project proposal for the clients to gain the projects. First, let's know what the proposal is. Writing a proposal is the text you write for the client to convince him with yourself and hire you, and it should explain your ability to accomplish the project and your skills. It's like a cover letter we send sometimes when applying for some jobs. In this article, we will summarize the most important steps that you should take into account when writing your proposal on a freelance site.

“A truly great freelance proposal makes your clients want you, even more than you want them.”

Steps to write a strong project proposal:

  1. Read the project details carefully:

Many freelancer ignore reading the details of the project and understand the full need before submitting their proposal. They rely on template to send to the client, and they submit them to dozens of projects daily, wasting a lot of time but not getting any of project! Because of their lack of reading the project, so the result will a bad proposal you submitted. And because this problem is bothering the clients, they asks the freelancer to start with a “design” word for example to make sure that the applicant has read the full details of the project. So you should read the project well and understand the details, and ask the customer questions more related to the project to make the client sure that you understand what he needs.

  1.  Use strong words:

Your project must start with strong words. The customer feels that you are really capable of completing the project efficiently. You should not say, for example, "I might be able to do the job" but say "I can do it with high quality." To make sure you are able to do what the customer wants, do some research about what the customer asking for. When you are sure you can do it, you will write with confidence that you can, but if you are not sure you can do it, you will not be able to use strong words to attract the customer!

  1.  Do not over promises:

Such as telling the customers "I'm available to you 24 hours" or telling them "When you need anything, modify something or you want to change the logo color, for example, send me at any time and with the same price as well." With these promises you make the client feel worry about you not trust you! So you have to give the customer reasonable promises not exaggerated.

  1.  Do a quick search:

If you are a new freelancer, and submit a lot of projects but no one accepts your proposal, you must do a research about the client or his site if it is in the details of the project before you start writing your own proposal. Check out their pages on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, try to gather as much information as possible about the customer, and include them in your proposal, to show the client that you have studied and put all your effort to win the project. This makes the client feel that you are actually interested, so he will trust you and give you the project.

  1.  Support what you say with previous works:

When you say to the customer, for example, that you are skilled in designing logos, attach samples of your previous work to the customer to trust you more.

Components Writing Project View or Message Coverage:

1- Introduction: It talks about yourself, who you are or the purpose of sending the proposal.

2. Provide a reason why you consider yourself suitable for this project.

3 - Offer your price, as a freelancer you have to determine your price for the project required and mechanism of delivery and delivery date and others. Do not give the client a specific date but leave the period open.

4. Set certain points to show the client that this proposal is specially designed for you, such as ask some questions regarding the nature of the project or what colors he wants in the design and so on or write a specific suggestion.

Freelancing has always been the most popular work among professionals. This road needs patience and practical knowledge. These two things do not easily come to be a successful freelancer. If you are rubbing this path, you must be prepared for the challenges you will face.

If you ask a freelancer about freelancing, he will tell you that the first year is the hardest. There is not only a difficult learning curve to go through, but also there are a lot of things you have to do in order to build your own business and attract customers. The following tips can help you overcome the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities you offer.

5 Tips Help You to Succeed In Your First Year in freelancing

1. Create your own schedule:

Successful freelancer means discipline and continuity! If you do not have the restraint and leadership to continue doing your task, you will not succeed in freelancing. To remain disciplined, you need to develop a schedule based on your personality, your schedule may be strict or flexible. We recommend you to follow a very strict approach in the early months of the freelancing path by starting and ending at the same time almost every day, and then it will be a routine for you.

2. Develop your budget and cost reduction

Unless you are one of the few people who can move to freelance work and make the same monthly income from the start, you are likely to experience a lower income initially. This is why you have to set a budget and begin to reduce over expenditures.

You can reduce your monthly expenses by eating less food, not going to the restaurants, and reducing your online shopping habits.

3- Try a skill that suits you

There are different things one can do online, like academic writing, copying and graphic design and web development. Other people also choose online marketing, selling their products or marketing other people's products online.

If you do not know what works best for you, you can spend time with a close friend and analyze the best you can do in your life. Whether you see yourself in writing, copying or marketing online, it's preferred to have a realistic experience that shows you what to choose.

If you're not sure what's best for you, try out all the skills, and do what you really love to do.

4. Improve your networking:

Building networks is a very important to you as a freelancer. If you do not have relationships, you will face a daunting battle when it comes to finding customers and getting income. Nowadays, most people deal with social networks, but do not forget offline networks, face-to-face relationships lead to better results and stronger relationships.

Are you Looking for a way to start building your own network? Try joining local networking groups and industry associations. You will meet a group of people and develop some strong relationships with other entrepreneurs who have additional relationships.

5. Learn from every opportunity

You will fall, you will make huge mistakes. You will face very difficult moments. Where the first year of freelancing is filled with many problems and errors, simple and large ones. Instead of letting them stop you, let them be a challenge to become a successful freelancer. The first year is the hardest, but once you survive, you will discover that the future is bright.

6. Set aside time for your personal life:

One of the practical challenges with self-employment is finding a way to establish a healthy balance between work and life. Since you are most likely working from home, you no longer have that natural division between work and family / social life. Creating some limits can help you restore some of these freedoms.

The experience of hiring the first member of the team can be daunting experience. Fortunately, the founder of startups can first hire a freelancer before hiring a full-time employee. Startup companies may not have a budget to rent a full-time place and incur costs such as taxes, health insurance and vacation times. So working with a freelancer is a great chance to get a job with high quality, while also establishing a beneficial professional relationship.

 However, if you have not hired a freelancer before, there are some things you should know before post your first job:

1. Write a description of the job, expertise and education that you need accurately:

The first thing you need to do before posting a job and hiring freelancers is write the HR document. In it, write all the skills and expertise that you need to be with you in the project during the first year. Determine how many freelancers you need to work with you, their roles and responsibilities. Write under each position its job description and the level of experience required.

For example, if you are a designer and you want to create your startup, it's important to have the communication, patience and leadership skills, as you need marketing professionals and other skills! You will definitely not be able to lead all of these things, you will need one or more people to do all the other things.

2. Make sure the job applicants read the job carefully:

To ensure that the freelancer has read the full description, put at the last description a sentence asking the applicants to write at the beginning of his proposal, like write (to ensure that you have read the full description; write "I'm ready to start" at the beginning of your proposal"

This is important because it accomplishes two things: first, ensure that the freelancer who read the description of the project cares about every single detail. If they don't read the description completely, you will encounter many problems, where they don't fully understand the requirements of the project or they make errors because they simply don't follow the constructions.    

Second, you can filter many proposals that don't start with the phrase "I'm ready to start" and thus, you will save time and effort in considering all proposals.

3. Check out their prior feedback before hiring a freelancer:

The feedback from previous customers is the only thing you have between hiring a bad or good freelancer beside his proposal. When you check the customer's feedback, also check the percentage of job successful for the freelancer to see if they can complete the task at the deadline or not. If you are worrying about this, ask and confirm with the freelancer himself, in this way you can at least make sure you choose a freelancer with a previous record of compliance with deadline and completion the project.

4. Communication is the key:

Once you hire a freelancer and start working on the project, you must be available to answer the questions, clarify the different aspects of the tasks, and make sure that the freelancer knows exactly what to do. Communication should be both sides, the freelancer should periodically inform you of the updates if the project was a long-term project, and you should be able to provide additional details to help the freelancer to complete the task.

5. Pay the freelancers quickly after completion the project:

You will make the freelancer loyal to you and put extra effort into your work when you pay them on time. But that does not mean that you have to pay them blindly without making sure they complete the tasks and check the work to make sure if it meets your expectations and he followed the specifications you outlined in the job description and then make sure that you have pay up as soon as you can.   

5. Cheapest in not always the worst and the most expensive will probably not be the best:

When you post your job, you will get 20 to 50 proposals. Half of them promise you that they can do the project at quarter of the price you originally offered to pay and the other half asking twice the price you offered. There are many new freelancers on the freelancing platforms. They want to work with any price to have a strong profile and their work quality is higher than those who are asking a high price. Don't make the number tempting you, always make sure the freelancers are really understand the job and aren't just sending out a mass-application with the highest price.

With these tips in mind, you will get an impeccable experience in hiring your first freelancer. Make your expectations fair, do not expect too much and treat the freelancer very well and not be strict with them.  

You finally did it! You managed to work as a freelancer and do the work you love. Being a boss of you has many advantages. However, there are some great responsibilities that you should take into consideration when working in freelancing world to be able not to lose your life and your health!

In this article, you will find some great tips you can use to achieve the ultimate goal of achieving a healthy and happy balance between your life and your work!


Set boundaries between work and home:


When you work as a freelancer, you are likely to work most of the time or at least initially from home. And with this kind of work, you'll find it easy to mix your career with your own life, so you have to set clear boundaries from the beginning between these two worlds


So it's good to set aside an area in your home just for work. Make it comfortable and give it a style that you think will help you become more creative and productive. You can browse the pinterest application, it is a good application to look for inspiration in decorating your workspace.


Create the work schedule: 


After you have created your own space to work from home, it is also important to create a work schedule that you can follow - it will help you become more productive and more efficient in using your time. Try to find the best time of the day for working. 


Do not overwork:


Organize and organize! Represents the most important part of being a freelancer, and the best way to do it - along with delivering amazing work is to meet deadlines.

Create folders on your computer for each project to sort your files accordingly. Keep a task list for each, so that you can track what has been done and what still incomplete. Apps like Wunderlist and Evernote will help you get more organized workflow.


Do not isolate yourself. Be social!


It's easy to get lost in your business bubble and forget that there is a world outside of your work. Do not forget to go out and meet people - whether for personal or professional purposes. Expand your network with LinkedIn, or if you want direct interaction, use Meetup to find people have the same interests of yours and join local meetings.


Rank your finances:


Working as a freelancer means that you are responsible for every aspect of your business, and it is very logical that money is an essential part of your success. Leaving your unsecured bills a cause for concern, and delaying customers in payment deadlines could turn into a sudden nightmare.

There are many apps that can help you manage your budget such as Goodb budget or Moni, for example. Keep track of everything you spend and when you will need to pay soon.


Healthy eating and exercise:


You can enjoy a happier and healthier life by eating well and exercising regularly. A healthy body helps you overcome all stress and exhaustion in freelancing.

Sleeping well is very important, so be sure to set enough hours to sleep. If you're having trouble sleeping, try meditation so you can erase those unpleasant thoughts. 


Take a vacation


Do not forget to have fun! Remember the reasons why you choose to work in the first place. Spend some time to go on vacation and do activities that will help you get rid of the workloads.


Keep these useful tips and enjoy a balanced and healthy lifestyle! Are you now ready to take your next challenge? Bidding on more projects today!

Do not forget to share the comments if you have other tips

Freelancing may not be one of the easiest career paths, but it may be one of the most profitable ways! There are many fields of freelancing, such as marketing, graphic design, motion graphics, programming, translation, content writing and other fields. If you want to work as a freelancer, there are some qualities and skills required in freelancing that you must have to become successful freelancer. In this article you will learn about the  most important 7 qualities that freelancers must have


A passion for learning.

 Successful freelancers have an inherent thirst for knowledge. They want to know everything. From the theories of instructional design and graphic design principles to information technology, successful freelancers are constantly looking for ways to expand their knowledge base. In the areas of e-learning, technology and tools always change. So, at the top of these changes will help you develop and learn new skills that distinguish you from other independents. However, it is difficult to keep up with change and expand your knowledge if you do not have a real passion for learning. Having a successful freelancer requires you to have a wealth of knowledge on a variety of things, from tools and programs related to your domain and other areas as well. You should always be curious, ask questions, and take every opportunity to learn something new. Curiosity in science is one of the characteristics of successful and professional. It is this natural passion for knowledge that helps them develop themselves and makes them successful, because they know how to learn and motivate them to become active participants in the learning process.

 Leadership skills.

Even if you do not have anyone working under you, you still need to have leadership skills as a freelancer. There will be clients who need guidance, in addition to experts in a particular field and other clients who need someone who has a management skill. For example, paying attention to customer invoices, filling in the necessary forms, and managing files and folders also requires a fair amount of leadership skills.

 self discipline:

Maybe this is the most important quality as without it, you’d never be able to handle you work and life as a freelancer. 

As an independent, you will have plenty of opportunities to do fun things, and the things you love. You will be tempted to do them every time, but while you enjoy, your work will suffer, you will miss the deadline, you will may upset your client. Having fun all the time is always the cost of your work. 

Therefore, setting a schedule, including independent working hours, is critical to organizing daily activities - work or fun.

Time management skills

This is not about the number of hours worked. It's about estimation - what kind of task you'll take; how many tasks you can complete daily or for a certain amount of time, etc.

Planning your time wisely and following your plan is critical to your productivity. If you do well, your customer will be happy - so you will be at the end of the workday or work week.

You can use Google Calendar for better time management - where you can manage your entire time.

communication skills.

You may think that when you work as a freelancer online, it is not important to have a strong communication skill. This is a mistake! Clear and accurate communication between you and your customers is necessary at all times, whether in person or not. Keep in mind that you can always reply to your emails within 24 hours.If you are unable to do so, send an email confirming that you have received the message and will answer the questions as soon as possible. Communicate your ideas in a clear and professional way in live conversations or video calls, and be smart enough to know  when your advice is needed. Try to be flexible and suggest alternative ways of doing things, so that you can keep yourself and your client happy. 


If you worked as an employee for a long time , you may be used to being dependent That’s mean - there may be someone following your each step, checking your work, and telling you what to do. But the moment you become independent, you will no longer be told what to do. You will need to ask questions and suggest ways to improve the project and overall results. When you show the initiative, and show your interest in completing the project on time and in high quality, the client may give you another project.


Can you think of what you're looking for in your ideal customer? Honesty, trustworthiness, effective communication, reliability; all these elements are also what your customers are looking for. Being a professional means gaining the trust of your customers, and in order to do so, you must always keep your promises and deliver quality products on time. Confidence is difficult to build and easy to destroy; Put your customers' satisfaction first, and show that you're ready to go any further.


The web and application development field has thrived like never before, and many companies that need to create their own website are moving to work with freelance developers; why?

Large companies usually charge exorbitant prices, and most of them take up twice the time to finish the project compared to working with a freelancer. They also usually have busy schedules, and tend to prioritize wealthy clients. So most small companies tend to work with freelance developer rather than companies! 

However, The number of talented developers is also expanding and growing at the same rate as new opportunities! Being a great coder is not enough even if your skills are high and don't miss the deadlines! People need to find you!

While your client is looking for a professional developer, he'll find many developers before they reach your page! That's why branding is essential for any independent developer.

So we will give you some tips on how to not just become a commodity and cannot  replace you easily:

1. Find your niche:

Agencies and companies in general want to work with specialists. You have to find a specialization that is right for you and make a lot of effort to master it. If you promote  yourself as an independent and expert in a particular programming language, you can be trusted. This is the easiest way to attract attention among others.

2. Know your ideal customer

As a freelance web developer your goal is to provide a solution for your ideal customer. Knowing the challenges your customer faces will help you identify the skills and experience that should be highlighted in your personal brand.

 If you want to generate revenue, learn about the core values ​​and principles that motivate and guide your ideal customer.

The only way your ideal customer will find you is to build a strong brand presence in the places they go when they need answers to their problems. Do they search on Google? Or are they looking for answers in a particular channel on social media? You'll be there to deliver the solution they are looking for.

3. Personalize your brand:

It doesn't help to portray yourself as a huge company, or use a great logo. It will make your customer alienate and look for another freelancer. 

Always share some personal information, and tell your customers about your story. Telling your story also helps you show your personality to your target audience and connect with them on a deeper level.

When writing your story, don't just focus on your successes, milestones, and achievements. Be prepared to share your struggles, challenges and failures.

The more realistic you present yourself, the more your target audience is willing to trust you enough to start building a professional relationship with you.

4- Start blogging:

An effective way to quickly build your personal brand as a web developer is to create a blog. It doesn't only provide a way to share your knowledge and advice, but it also identifies you as an expert in the eyes of your target audience.

If you create consistent and valuable articles, you'll eventually become the right person for their questions and needs. Make sure your blog posts are logical, well organized, straightforward, and easy to read.

5. Create an online portfolio: 

To build your brand, it's important to have a website that shows your work online. you can bring potential customers so they can learn more about you, what you've done and how you can help them.

Here are the things to include in your online portfolio:


A known domain name


Since you are a personal brand, it is recommended that you use your name in your domain if possible.


Add logo


Your logo should be more than a luxury icon that doesn't deliver anything. It should be a visual representation of who you are, what you do, and your values.


Display your previous work


Customers want to see evidence of your past work. This means you need to include a set of your previous successful projects which will help you gain confidence and credibility.

Personalize it

People get in touch with you faster when they can see you. Nobody likes to deal with someone they can't see.

Focus on the ultimate goal

It's a good idea to include programming languages ​​and the tools you specialize in, but make sure you don't make them the main focus of your website.

Link your Github, Codepen accounts

Having these links will help you enhance your credibility among potential customers because it displays your knowledge and experience among the community.